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Analysis Of Your Strengths In Business English Literature Essay

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Among various interesting management books, I found this book which seems to be the best for critical analysis and interpretation. This book, I guess will help to identify one’s talents and strengths; I picked it because I wanted to learn what my personal strengths and weakness are. The title itself speaks the main theme or ideas of the book. However, Marcus Buckingham, and Donald O. Clifton, provides the managers and public with a new ideas and approach to help them to identify and utilize strengths of individuals. This could benefit the organization in their business world and achieve the wanted goal.

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This wonderful book Now, Discover Your Strengths revels the unique ideas on business, and for which strengths is far more effective in achieving success over weaknesses. No matter what we are, and how we are, we have to overcome with our strength and power. “In the book, there are illustration of some famous people like as Bills Gates, Tiger Woods and Cole Porter (Buckingham & Clifton 25)”. It is because to explore that, why they become famous and what is the main key? This book clearly tries to identify the importance of your strength in this business field and also normal life giving the story of famous individuals who are known all over the world for their efforts and power.

This book is a great collection of new ideas to encourage you and test to your unique talent. The book starts with the introduction of strength revolution at work and continues with its Anatomy. It has its assumptions which states that each person can learn to be the competent in almost anything, and each person’s greatest room for growth is in his or her areas of greatest strengths. “According to the book, the meaning of strength is consistent near perfect performance in an activity (25)”. As the definition means the accurate decision making and ability to rally people around organizations common purpose are strengths. For example Bill Gate is genius making software and transforming them into user friendly applications and which is his strength. It is also considered that if in this way strength is defined then you have to consider three different aspects. “First, for an activity to be strong you must be able to do it consistently. You must also derive some intrinsic satisfaction from the activity. The activity is strong only if you can figure out doing it repeatedly, happily, and successfully. Second, you do not have to have strength in every aspect of role in order to excel. The excellent performance must be well rounded. Third, you will excel only by maximizing your strengths, never by fixing your weaknesses (26)”. Find something which helps to manage your weaknesses to overcome.

These are some assumptions made in order to follow the strength and build one’s life stronger. The most important content of this book is three revolutionary tools which helps people to lead to the strong point or his or her natural talent. “As it is mentioned in the book, first tool is to understand how to distinguish your natural talents from things you can learn. Talents, knowledge, and skills are three key factors to create your strength. Everybody has one very different natural talent and one has to find out itself. Second is the system to identify your dominant talents. Always stay back and watch yourself for a while. Try and activity how quickly you pick it up. Try to look at the past and think how you were and how are you. Third is Common language to describe your natural talent (28)”. One must have different language which will describe the strength we see in ourselves and other. In this book, authors are trying to focus on how to evaluate or find out your strengths. You will also found the internet based strengths finder which identify the most established human strengths.

And they start with the thirty four themes of strengths finder which are consider most helpful to build your strength. They raise a question whether there is any obstacle to building one’s strengths and discover some interesting factors which are related with them. “Fear of weakness is the one which could be an obstacle for you in building your strengths. Fear of failure is the other because some of us choose not to risk it. Fear of one’s true self is one that could change your way of building strong strengths (124)”. If you do not believe on yourself, you never succeed.

I have never read such a book before to help in my field, but after reading this I feel keep reading such book. If I have to compare this with other management book I would choose this because after reading this you will realize that strength is the key factor in the success of one’s life. In business or management world you need good strength and powerful decision capacity to stay in the competitive world. To gain knowledge, management ideas, find out strength and weakness, this book would be the only one solution. This is a best book which could change one’s thinking from one level to another. It consists of the best strength ideas and positive points towards one’s life in management field.

Normally we see strength means power to resist attack, quality of being strong, but here it has different meaning. Something you put efforts consistently expecting the best result in your work. Developing the strength is the way of overcome your problems and weakness. When I been through the entire book which leads me to develop my strengths and find out the weakness and help to show my unique talents and strengths. This is also a great idea that helps the manager to find out the strength and weakness of the employee and help them to develop and solve the problem. This book has different segment and each segment help one to identify the solution of what he or she is waiting for. Every time when we attend the class lecture we believe that our mind will help us to remember the knowledge given by the teacher, but not always one can remember back what was happened, only that who could compete with others, who have the best strengths power and great challenging habit.

The flow of content is remarkable in the book; once you start reading the paragraphs you will not left or change your mind unless you finish it. I like the writing style very much. Starting with the introduction and starts slowly with how to find out your capacity, strength, weakness, and find out the solution. It also helps many managers to identify the strength of employee and get that strong power to work which could lead to the different mode of business. Not always one idea work greatly, sometime one has to apply different idea to overcome that situation which is explained nicely in this book. Authors are trying to expand the ideas of how your strength will help you to solve the problem and work on the issue. By giving the examples of different business personal and world tycoon, authors are trying to show, how they manage the strength and find out the weakness which become their key of success. I think this is a good idea, because we normally follow what others do. The biggest thing is we always try to follow some famous celebrity and some talented personality. This is also important to mention that everybody has his own talent and knowledge. It is said that talent, knowledge, and skill helps you to build your strength.

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Why it is necessary to have strength in your work? This could be a general question, but it has a vast meaning, that if you want to accomplish something you have to have good strength, power, and ability. Normally in business it is considered that managers are responsible to manage the whole circular desk with their authority. Every manager has to have strength to control over their employees. As we listen on the class lecture, it is important to have your work done on time and work management. You need to find out the business strength and work on it. It is also important consideration that how would you increases your strength and builds it. For every activity, you must do it consistently, and one thing to remember that you will do extremely well only if you maximize your strengths. Do whatever is necessary to increase your strength. Find out your natural talent and use distinguishes it from other talent and builds it or try to improve on that. Everybody have different level of work power and strength. This book will help you to identify your strength. If I have to rate this book I would give five stars because it deserves it. In my view this book does not really have down side. You can critically think that if book is written to help to develop the power of one, it would never carry any down message. Strength, well related with your work and ideas could not be compared with others. It is unique in its own style.

Sometime it is necessary to face the fact that we have both strength and weakness. Remember that strength is not to overcome the weakness. It is different. After reading this book I am able to identify my strength and I figured out that my biggest strength is my patient. I am always known as the patient guy who is always ready to help others. Strength is the key factor of your life. You could win the world with your strength and power. Use it in a right way and help yourself to build your own reputation and one day everybody will follow the way of your life and that time you will realize that you did very well on managing your strengths. Now, it is a time to start discovering your strength. Start now, and go for it. Show the world that, you have the power and strength to fight with anything if necessary, to show your ability and capability.

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Buckingham, Marcus, and Donald O. Clifton. Now, Discover Your Strength. New York: Free, 2001. Print.


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