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About A Boy Summary English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 1428 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Will, 36 years old, is a single and fashionable guy. He doesn’t work, because he had received money from his dad’s inheritance. His dad has made a very popular Christmas-song, that’s why Will doesn’t work. He doesn’t live like a 36-year old guy, because he hasn’t got any responsibilities.

In the begin of the story Marcus and Will doesn’t know each other. Marcus just moved to London, because his mother always got a different husband. Will meets Angie, which has a son. He falls in love with her and he tells her things that he has a son, called Ned, which he hasn’t got. Will liked it when woman being attached to him. Then Angie broke up with Will. Will missed the feeling to be in love with a women, so he decided to go to SPAT. SPAT is a association for single parents. Will said he had a little son called Ned. There he met a girl called Suzie, who has a daughter called Paula. One day, there’s a SPAT picnic. But how does Will go to that picnic without “Ned”? Will starts lying about Ned again, so he gets away with it.

Fiona, Marcus’ mum, starts crying very often without a reason. Marcus is on a new school, where he gets being bullied a lot. One day, Fiona and Marcus go to the picnic from SPAT, because Suzie, also a friend of Fiona, asked them to come.

Now, Will and Marcus will meet each other for the first time at the picnic. Marcus thinks it’s very boring, and decides to throw bread to ducks. But then, he kills a duck. The owner of the park starts getting angry, but Will helps Marcus. Marcus is very grateful for that. Will thinks Marcus is a very adult boy.

Will brings Marcus and Suzie at home. But then, when they go inside Marcus’ house, they see Fiona half-dead on the couch. They go very quickly to the hospital. When Fiona’s in the hospital, Marcus finds a farewell letter from his mum. Then Marcus starts thinking that he hasn’t got anyone besides his mother. So he decides to search people who want to be their friend, so then he isn’t alone when his mother will pass out.

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Fiona gets back home, and she, Marcus and Will are going to diner together. Marcus wants that Fiona and Will start dating with each other, so he won’t be alone anymore. This will be a very uncomfortable diner, because everybody still believes Will has a child (he bought a child seat, especially for the fact that he really has a son).

Some days later, Marcus goes to Will, and concludes Ned doesn’t exist. At Will’s house, Marcus learns a lot of things. As example what the newest and coolest CD’s are, and Will buys him some cool shoes. But the next day, the shoes are stolen. Marcus has to go to the direction, and there he meets a very notorious girl (Ellie). Marcus and Ellie start being friends, which Marcus likes a lot.

Marcus daily comes at Will’s place, but when Fiona hears that Will hasn’t got a son, Marcus isn’t allowed to go to Will anymore. But despite that, Marcus invites Will for a Christmas party, where Will meets Suzie. Will doesn’t feel himself very comfortable, and Suzie isn’t happy at all because Will lied to her.

On New Year’s Eve, Will falls in love with Rachel. Rachel is a beautiful women, who has a son, named Ali. Very soon Will and Rachel talk about children. Will says to Rachel that Marcus is his son. So he asks Marcus to pretend if he’s Will’s son. They go to Rachel, which becomes a nightmare for Marcus. Ali threatens Marcus with the thing that Will and Rachel don’t interact anymore.

After that accident, it goes a lot better with Marcus and Will. It seems to be Rachel and Fiona like each other. A couple of days later, Marcus, Rachel and Fiona decide to go to a pub, but Rachel doesn’t come.

Marcus goes with Ellie to Cambridge, where Marcus’ dad lives. Marcus dad (Clive) has broken his collar bone with a stupid accident, so Clive wanted to see Marcus. En route, Ellie damages a window glass, because she was angry of the fact that Kurt Cobain (a famous singer which Eillie is a big fan from) committed suicide. So they have to go to the police station, where they will be picked up by Clive and his girlfriend (Lindsey). But they also are getting picked up by Fiona, Will and Ellie’s mum. Marcus starts getting a quarrel with Lindsey and Clive.

But finally, everything will be resolved. Marcus goes to his dad, and Ellie will be guilty from the window-damage. Marcus becomes a real teenager now, Will tells Rachel he hasn’t got a son and Fiona will be OK.

Creative Assignment

15. Write a ”mini-biography” of an author whose work you read.


Nicolas Peter John Hornby (Nick Hornby) was born at April 17th 1957, in the city Redhill in the United Kingdom. Nick Hornby’s parents, called Derek Peter Hornby and Margaret Audrey Withers. Nick Hornby’s dad was a businessman with a lot of success and Nick Hornby’s mother was a secretary. His parents divorced when he was only eleven. So Nick Hornby lived in a single-parent family with his mum and his sister Gill Hornby, because his dad left Great-Britain and started a new live in France. Nick Hornby married With Vriginia Hornby in 1993, and they divorced in 1998. In 1993 Nick Hornby’s son (Danny Hornby)was born. Nowadays Nick Hornby works and lives in Highbury in London.

After he left the Maidenhead Grammar School, he started studying English at the Jesus college in Cambridge. After his study at the Jesus college, he started teaching English to students from other countries. After his career as a teacher, Nick Hornby started doing some journalism for the famous magazine, called New Musical Express. But that wasn’t the thing he really liked, so he decided to become a writer.

The head points of his books are often music and sports, where obvious behavior of men will be described. Nick Hornby is also an enormous Arsenal-fan, which you can find back in his books. He also uses actual things in his stories, like the death of Kurt Cobain in the book About a boy.

The literary movements where Nick Hornby’s books belongs to, are humor, roman and realistic stories. Very many people love his books, because they appeals the people.

Nick Hornby’s first book was Fever Pitch, published in 1992, where he described his feelings for the football-club Arsenal. With this book he launched a new literary: football-stories. Just like About a boy(1998) and High Fidelity(1995), Fever Pitch is based on his own life experiences.

Other books that Nick Hornby had written are:

How to be good (written in 2001, with this book Hornby won the WH Smith Award for Fiction), this is a story about someone who wants to be good for the whole world.

31 Songs (written in 2003), is a book about 26 popsongs which Nick Hornby liked.

A long way down (written in 2005, this book was shortlisted for the Whitbread Novel Award), this is a book about suicide, fear, etc.

The Complete Polysyllabic Spree (written in 2006), Nick Hornby explores in this book the how and when and why and what of reading.

Slam (written in 2007), this book is about skateboarders and their problems.

Juliet, Naked (written in 2009), this book is about a nerd’s idol who falls in love with the nerd’s girlfriend

The books which are filmed, are:

Fever pitch (filmed twice: in the years 1997 and 2005)

High Fidelty (filmed in the year 2000)

About a boy (filmed in the year 2002)

Nick Hornby has also written 3 anthologies, called:

My favourite Year (written in 1993)

The Picador Book of Sportswriting (written in 1996)

Speaking with the Angel (written in 2000)

It is visible that Nick Hornby is a very popular writer, because he published a lot of books, and from a couple of these books there has been made a movie. Nick Hornby’s biggest success is High Fidelty, because he won most of his trophies with this book. Many books of Nick Hornby are translated into Dutch and other languages, because he is also well-known in very many countries.

But Nick Hornby’s work hasn’t been finished yet, because there is going to be a new film, called “An Education”.


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