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Viewpoint Of Students And The English Subject English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 897 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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“I hate to admit it, but back in my college days, when my English professor comes in to our class, all of us would start groaning. It means all of us would have to endure 1 hour of boring English language class. And it sometimes makes me laugh whenever I remember those days”. Says a student.

It’s a known fact that a lot of students, teenagers mainly, think that the English subject is boring. And we don’t blame them. However, we do believe that it is not the subject itself which is uninteresting, but the one who is conveying to the students might be. In simple terms, it is the teacher that might be boring.

And because of technology nowadays, most young students are unwilling to study English because of the many grammar checkers and programs available to them today. Anything is possible in learning through the internet, video programs and we guess that is the purpose why we depend so much with the modern technologies that we have.

If that is the case, the majority of us will automatically rely on what the internet provide us, with the necessary information we needed.

Why Don’t They Really Learn English as They Should?

By observation of Mariano’s English class on the room, there is a part of the students who have not been paying attention at all to the English class and they are more into talking to each other. One guy is playing with an umbrella while another two girls are listening to music with a cell phone. Many children are moving around all the time. They go from chair to chair or they leave the room for some time and come back in. This class was out of control, the students were the ones who had the control of the classroom and the teacher would fight for control through talking louder or trying to hiss at them. We wish that we could see another class with other students because we want to see if they are out of control in that class, too.

English classes are the most popular way in which people study English. They are so amazingly popular that most people do not even think they are learning English.

The process is automatic: I want to learn English, so I sign up for an English course. I will pay some money, sit in class for a few hours a week, and I will get good English (Say people).

This is very amazing because English classes are a very weak way of learning English. Students have spent a large part of their lives in English classes, high schools, colleges, and language schools, but students have a lot of things to do in the class than paying attention to the teachers. With all our experience of English classes and courses, we would be surprised if we met a person who has learned to speak English very well by going to public school English classes.

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Most children than adults feel compelled to learning English, so that they can more easily make friends and participate in social events. Lucy Tse in her book “Why They Don’t Learn English” writes that “among these students . . . English fluency has always been a badge of prestige, a membership card for entry into the mainstream”. They also understand that job and career chances are limited for those who cannot speak English.

Tse notes that, not all children are learning English and performing academically at an equal rate. Research points out to factors such as income, literacy skills and background, and quality of previous general educational experiences that greatly influence English-learning and academic outcomes. A closer examination of important background variables will further illuminate our understanding of such variation. This is likely true for mature English-language learners, who often must face high levels of poverty, long work weeks, and insufficient English-language programs to gain proficiency in English.

Perspectives of the Students about English Language as a Subject

This study investigates students’ beliefs and thoughts about English as a subject at the Sureste Basic School, in San Juan de la Maguana; D.R.

The following statements are the results of the interviews made to the students by us at the Basic Sureste School:

“My father says that is not an important subject” (Chantal Fernandez; 12 years old).

“It’s very hard to learn English, and it’s difficult to understand its pronunciation too” (Hansel Perez, 12 years old).

“English is good, but I don’t like it because I feel embarrassed” (Jhoan Alcantara Reyes, 12 years old)

“It is interesting subject. It can be useful for baseball player” (Emmanuel Paniagua de los Santos, 11years old).

“Communicating with people from other countries is very important and it´s a way to get a good job” (Juan Carlos Montás12 years old).

“It’s very important because English it’s a commercial language used all over the world to connect people from different countries” (Gabriel Beltre, 13 years old).

According to our interview we could see that the students from this school can’t explain what the English language is as a subject, its importance. 60 percent of students say that English is good for travelling and communicating with people from other countries


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