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Responce To Working Life Of A Waitress English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 1297 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The article “Working Life of a waitress,” written by an author called Mike Rose, is a talk about a mother who took the leading role of a waitress. Based on my perspective of this story the protagonist was fascinated and thankful by the work of his mother even though he knew the hardships and struggles the mother had to go through in her daily job. The narrator tells us of how the mother can in fact deal with so many people and not forgetting the cutlery and at the same time with a composure and knowledge of what she is doing. After reading and understanding the story, any one who wanted to pursue the carrier of a waitress and has had a passion for it could actually relate to this story, this story could get them many pointers which the narrator discussed in the article. This article not only illustrates the work of a mother as a waitress in a busy restraint but also describes ones passion of work and its art. While the narrator described how the waiters and waitress should be in their work place, it shows us of the sacrifice essence they had to their jobs. The narrator now understands and is more aware of things that encircle the mother in a well bred manner, through the justification of his mother; the readers can see that the narrator’s mother is doing a good job despite the fact that she is a woman in a man’s territory.

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This other article that is written by Barbara Enrich called Nickel and Dimed, she places interests on some of the difficulties people have when they are employed in jobs that pay low wages not exempting the hidden costs which included food and shelter. She primarily attacks the idea that the low-wage jobs need the unskilled labor, The author who is a journalist found that manual labor is degrading, taxing and uninteresting she says that the job required fast learning, quick thinking, focus and good memory, if there is repeated movements or constant, it would create a risk of repetitive stress injury. She also points facts on some persons in the management who mainly served to interfere with the workers output, they force the workers to take pointless tasks just to make the work experience more miserable. She argues about the one low wage job is usually not sufficient to support one person and his family, many of the workers named in this book exist by living in their cars, with relatives or even persons of the same position, She concludes by saying one day the low waged workers will rise up and rise and insist to be treated fairly and everyone will be better of when that day comes.

The article Santa land diaries by Sedaris, he talks about how he was discovered in 1977 in a Chicago club by a radio host, Sedaris later says that he owes everything to Ira, the radio presenter, because his life changed completely like a wave of a magic wand, his movie Santa Land diaries was a success with the radio listeners. This article according to me talks about luck, an how some individuals out there get jobs through luck, something that you have never even thought of just comes your way and changes your life forever,

In the article of Daniel Levine called the myth of the sexual athlete, it talks about how the entertainment industry degrades women. Its talks about giving the girls equal class attention, he mainly talks about how women in general are treated in the industry and that they are not given equal opportunities as men and that this should be re considered since what men can do women can also do. All these four articles have a common ground when it comes to work, it talks of hard work, discipline, fair and unfair working grounds, and also the passion of your work, all these aspects are seen in the four articles and they share each one of them.

Amy Tan is a writer, of the book language of discretion, she is an American born in China, and she says that different languages come with different ways of thinking, in her article she says that one’s view of the world and its functions depends entirely on the language that is used. Language is not only a communication tool but also a culture carrier, in a society where one culture dominates the other, language is then used to enforce the dominant one, she also argues that something enormous is usually lost during translation and something sinister seeps in the gaps and especially when amateur linguists go on in comparing one-for-one language differences and then put forward the notions wide open to misinterpretation.

Richard Rodriguez is an author of the book Public and Private Language, he is an American boy whose parents are Spanish, he went to school and he then considered Spanish to be a private language, and his parents used to talk in Spanish, he also talks of the challenges he faced as an individual in class because he couldn’t speak English well, he referred English as a public language he says that they don’t realize that while one suffers a diminished sense of private personality by being assimilated into the public society, such assimilation makes public individuality achievable. He says that the bilingualists that a student should be reminded of his difference from other people in the society, and his heritage but this equates more separateness with individuality, the truth is that only in private (with intimates) is the separation from a crowd a qualification fro individuality – an intimate separates me, tell me that I am unique – in public by distinction the fullness of an individual is achieved ironically by the ones who consider themselves members of a crowd.

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Caffilene Allen is an author of the book First change my name, she grew up speaking the English of the an early century, in this article there is a lot of contrast in the proper English and the culture language, in school teachers took to themselves to change her name from Caffilene to Kathleen, this was a bit extreme she thought, because of the pronunciation and spelling of how it may sound, she was exited by her new name until she found out that she was not the only Kathleen in school, though in high school she was able to get her name back, throughout this article there is a lot of controversy between the author and her mother, racial discrimination and sexist language, In fourth grade the author was ashamed of her mother and also despised her behavior and speech, she says that each culture, group or nationality have their own language and there is a place and time to show it, they way we relate and talk to our friends and family, we talk in a manner that is understood by them, the author says that now after many years is when she is beginning to regain the sense of pride and heritage towards their culture.

These authors have experiences which they have in common like they being of a different culture though since they are living in America, they have to learn English and the hard way, Richard Rodriguez had to learn it through being embarrassed in class, not being able to have sufficient and ending talks with his parents, Amy Tan on the other hand had to learn and speak English with her fellow Chinese men since if she were to speak in their language they would expect her to be more submissive since she is a woman, Caffilene Allen also says that she had to change her name at some point because of the pronunciation and was taught ,to have her culture and mother and to like her English teacher. Language enforces the culture behind it completely, people who live in a certain social order, which is dominated by definite culture and have to adjust to that dominant language. And to not only to know how to speak it but they also have to speak it in a certain way in order to be accepted and be successful.


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