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Statement of Purpose Engineering Example

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Statement of Purpose

I believe that keeping an explorative attitude and inquisitive mind is key to a constant learning process. In wish to attain quintessential level of education I aspire to pursue my graduate studies at your esteem university. This would grant me access to highly qualified and reputed professors and practical knowledge.

I come from a family of business background and it has always been my desire to join it. We are in business of manufacturing plastic printing and converting machineries, a bachelor’s degree in engineering has provided me knowledge of technology and skills for innovation, but one needs business knowledge to expand it and commercialise the product. A degree in ______(course) would extend my knowledge to accentuate my business skills and provide me ability to take the business at new heights and standards.

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Over the past years everything I have encountered has built me into person that I am today, a proactive man with integrity and competency. I believe one of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experience I possess. I am a science student with a flair for the business, a man with technical aptitude and an interest in management.

I did my schooling from city’s renowned institute S.N. Kansagra School. My zest towards business always made me curious to learn more about it. Consequently, I opted for couple business subjects like- commercial application and business studies to embrace passion. It provided me profound understanding and strengthen my knowledge in business. In addition to my work in the classroom, I was an active member of the campus. Perhaps the most prominent of all was my participation in the robotics club, I developed many small robots, such as line following, pick and place, colour ball sorting, etc.

Prior to my undergraduate studies, I interned at couple of companies, which helped in my personal upgrowth and building up awareness of professional codes of behaviour. During my internship at Human Resource department of Balaji Multi Flex Pvt. Ltd, I gained practicality in dealing with people and ability to empathise with them.

My Engineering degree has given a solid foundation to my analytical skills and technical aptitude. Apart from academics I have taken ardent interest in co-curriculum activities like Globerina Quiz where I was second runner up and had participated in many tech fest and was rewarded third price at technical competition, ‘Robo-Hustle’. I also organised and managed technical competition at yearly held tech fest. Further I am enrolled into different clubs such as ‘Intelligent Instrumentation’ and ‘GTU innovative council’ which focus on advancement of new technology and sharing and implementing creative ideas and thoughts etc. I also channelized my interest for business in club of ‘Entrepreneurship development cell’.

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I have an intrigue and independent mind; this trait gave me good leadership and management ability. For instance, I lead a team in design engineering course which presented product canvas on floor and street cleaning machine and developed an equivalent model to propose it. Currently, in my final semester I am leading another team for my final year project, where I designed and programmed Multi axis drilling machine equipped with 3 servo drives, a VFD and HMI for data acquisition.

My undergraduate study scheduled from early morning to noon created opportunity for me to make headway to my career, I got formally inducted into the family firm Pelican Rotoflex Pvt. Ltd. on a part-time basis at the age of 18 and since then I am adding on to my professional journey. I initially focused on understanding flexible packaging industry and its different processes. Further, I observed and learned the operation of different departments of the company such as design, production, automation, marketing, etc. This provided me with profound knowledge in my field of study as well as provided me business world experience. Afterwards, I began working in administrative and marketing, while working I learnt core values of focus, empathy and perseverance. I got acquainted with market leaders in the industry. Apart from these I also worked on Exhibition fairs like PlastIndia and K trade fair. Last October I accompanied my firm in participation at international market fair for plastic industry K-2016, Dusseldorf, Germany. Apart from providing global exposure, it bought me closer to industry’s global market. These four years of experience aspired me to become a valued player in the marketplace, empowered with the technical aptitude and professional acumen required to make critical business decisions.

I choose UK, as it is a breeding ground for intellectuals. Given the importance of globalisation in development, an education that does not fully address the international and multicultural realities of the modern world is incomplete; UK offers diversity and multiculturalism of corporate world unlike any other country. UK is also one of the oldest and possess world’s most renowned education system which boasts of some of the best universities. UK would provide me the unique combination of accelerated growth and the flexibility to pursue this career path as it is the epicentre of the world economy. An atmosphere as eclectic as your campus where I get to meet students from diverse backgrounds is a rich ground for me to expand my knowledge about globalization.

I aim to follow my father’s footsteps but only after I gain considerable experience and knowledge at a global level. A graduate education from ____ would provide me with the perfect steppingstone to achieve my career goal of creating unprecedented progress for my family business. My grandfather, who started from scratch, laid the foundation for our company; it was consolidated by my father who brought about management, efficiency and profitability to our company. In my endeavour to expand my company to new height and standards, I see no better college than _____ to help me realize these goals.


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