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Significance and Practicality of Solar Energy Systems

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Wordcount: 2412 words Published: 18th May 2020

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1.0 Introduction:

1.1   Aims:

The main purpose of this report is to introduce a situation about the significance as well as the practicality of the Solar Energy system which is constructed by me. For this reason, this study will serve as a demonstration of Research and Product Development. Besides, it is able to clarify certain elements or make the feasibility of the product as a major commercial product more effective.

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1.2   Sources and Procedure:

The data collection must be made by dividing the subject into two significant subpoints in order to collect background data on the science subject being investigated for this situation. Firstly, solar energy storages in a generic grid system were the subject of a large of the data gathered using scholarly paper and publication on paper as well as multimedia on the Internet. The second subpoint issue was the use of household batteries or storage devices from companies such as LG Chem, Sonnen as well as Telsa and so on, which are already on the market. This section of the study was conducted to know the marketing and distribution processes. It was achieved by way of the multimedia introduction of the products and the corporate publishing of businesses and certain public organizations endorsed the products as an alternative to domestic energy.

1.3   Significance and Implications: 

The climate on Earth has changed greatly in recent decades, so each individual’s role is extremely important in order to improve this issue. For this reason, the response to the increasing energy needs of the population must be performed in a way the limits environmental pollution. Thus, it is necessary to promote all ideas aimed at ensuring the provision of household energy through sustainable as well as renewable means. This report seeks to educate the audience about a commodity and introduce it to other interested parties in the fields of science, education and public policy domains so that is may also be displayed to the general public.

2.0 Interested Parties:

2.1   Newspaper article:


Solar Energy Systems

By Ngoc Phuong Van Nguyen; September 15th 2019

As the increasing population of the industrial countries has boosted the requirement for energy, there has also been a need for alternative energy sources. According to the Environmental Literacy Council (2008), using widely fossil fuels releases sulphur, nitrogen, and carbon that will harm the environment. Thus, the researchers have over the years looked for storage of energy produced by this means and used the stored energy as an alternative to our dependence on fossil fuels. This alternative form is also a need to share energy or provide backing for this.

Figure 1. Solar Panel System For Home (Crooks, Wonderful Image Gallery 2018)

The Lithium-Ion battery has permitted the energy storage of mobile devices to be innovative over the past 25 years; however, these have boundaries for power grids (Mathiram 2017,p.1064). This permitted scientist as well as engineers to tackle a fresh frontier since the beginning of the millennium. And a company was able to create a solar power storage system using a bunch of a lithium-ion battery thanks auxiliary job and gradual step. The scheme will make it possible to store excess energy generated by solar panels of a household in a scheme into the home with batteries. Besides, the households can make use of this energy during low energy production by solar panels. Figure 1 demonstrates a rudimentary system overview. When energy in the battery reaches its certain capacity, the excess energy generated will be transferred to the grid so that the credit obtained from the company remains in location.

At the Solar and Battery Information Session which is held in Camberwell, VIC on November 7th 2019, models and data on batteries will be introduced and displayed.

2.2   Importance and Attributes:

In Australia and possibly the globe, the product under discussion could have a permanent impact on the life and standard living of many individuals every day. Besides, Exner et al (2013,p.32) state that fossil fuels’ reserves become scarce, so the competition for them will get fiercer and the cost of the middle-class will rise significantly. In the past half-decade or so, we have already begun to do so with growing household energy cost so much that it is less accessible to poor families. Instead of science data provided to the audience over four centuries of climate research, the amount of solar energy has been gaining steam owing to these reduced resources.

The solar energy systems give the energy excess generated in the network to the grid and households receive credit for their energy transmission during the payment period (Infinite Energy, 2017).  This also implies that some households rely on the grid for moments when there is not enough energy, this can incur greater expenses when rates continue to rise. We want to introduce our product that is a battery structure built with lithium-sulphur in a solar electric system. This allows storing extra energy that has been generated for peak time before energy is transferred to the grid in order to reduce bills charges evenly. For a household of four or five individuals a 5kWh solar and battery system is regarded usual (Energy Matters 2018), but for a bigger home 10Kwh can be used to hold a bigger quantity of energy with a two-battery system. This is especially useful for families in rural villages with big areas because the panels can be placed not only on the roof but also on the ground to build the mainly electricity-based grid estate. These are not just solar and battery devices but also an attempt to ensure that solar power buildings already have the energy storage batteries mounted in their homes. The company strives to test and potentially market a large-scale system in cities around Australia where tiny cities can be fully powered by renewable power through high-capacity batteries and solar farms, with the investment in and effectiveness of the item enhanced.

In addition, at the Solar and Battery Information Session which is held in Camberwell, VIC on November 7th 2019, the company organizes also a symposium to enable the audience to gain a better understanding of the products, and how they can be used.

2.3     Investor and Funder:

To: The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Subject: Request for development and test fund for the production of high-energy lithium-sulphur batteries

 The increased competition for renewable energy for domestic purposes has given the scientific and engineering community the opportunity to contribute to reducing the impacts of global warming and climate change. There are increasing numbers in Australia’s suburbs that have invested in solar panels for solar hot water systems or their entire home solar panel system, which is up to 2 million households (Clean Energy Council 2018). Although this is a step in the right direction, most energy excess is transferred to the grid, and families have to depend on the grid for cloudy days.

Figure 2. Diagram of Solar Farms (Solar Farmers 2019)

The device published by our organisation, which is electricity storage devices for national reasons, has attempted to address this problem. However, the primary purpose of this letter is to obtain finance for large-scale testing for battery and storage systems. A standard home can be rectification with batteries of that magnitude in a range from 5 to 10KWh a day. However, this appears to be the boundary of most energy storage devices. We hope that the lithium-sulphur battery-burning scheme, which we are constructing, can place somewhere in the 0.5-0.7 MWh neighbourhood at the effectiveness of about 85%, which is adequate to operate a big residential house or tiny local society or outback to take benefit of the generally transparent climate in rural cities.

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We need to obtain land in order to evaluate the technology and to check the system’s memory capacities and efficient performance by installing revolving panels. Besides, the risk incurred by such large quantities of energy must result in these tests in an isolated location. In this way, we will also need permission from the local government and it will be easier if we have your support in this project.

If the funding of $15 million AUD for renewables is available to our organization, the above objective is easy to accomplish. Our project will make fossil-fuel independent communities outside of Australia via sustainable energy. If the above-mentioned energy tests succeed, this will also enable big renewable energy production from the transition of loads from fossil fuels factory. In the future, renewable energy sources will also be feasible to move to CBDs in significant suburbs.

Please email my department at any moment if you have questions concerning our project and the specifications.


Ngoc Phuong Van Nguyen

Research & Development Division Solar Energy

Office Address: 578 Glenferrie Road,

          Hawthorn VIC

Office Number: (03)95439321 (Fictional)

Email: ngocpvng@solarenergy.com

3.0 Reflection:

Because solar energy is a fairly wide topic, there will be certain problems.  After reviewing and analysing a number of products in research or in the market, I selected unique ideas to include in my final product that I would like to present to everyone. The use of lithium-sulphur batteries has permitted the smaller storage of solar energy, but it has allowed me to expand it to a different extent. In the future, using a product has been investigated so thoroughly that lack of information leads to the discovery of other characteristics.

Furthermore, it can be clearly seen that for each object, we need to have different approaches. Firstly, the language is used in newspaper article is considerably easier to understand than a scientific journal article. While this may compromise some scientific accuracy, it gets the point across much more easily than the journal article. I can instantly understand the nature of the research and its significance as opposed to have to look up the meaning of something every 10 words. even the diagrams from the original journal article have been summarised, which I think is an interesting, but helpful feature of this article. Besides, we should tell a story to convey the message in order to communicate science to the general public in an enticing and engaging way. Moreover, we do not need to use science jargon.

Word Count: 1637

4.0 Reference List:


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