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Pakistan Aircraft Carrier Program

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The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capability of Pakistan navy. The strategic management of Pakistan navy has assessed the strength while observing the increasing strength of our foe. To fight an effective warfare the co-ordination of naval aviation with surface and sub surface forces possess prime importance. It is prime responsibility of naval force to protect the sea lines of communication during war scenario. While considering all defensive and offensive capabilities in different situations the decision has been taken by ministry of defense to induct the aircraft carrier in Pakistan navy. The order have been passed to start the construction of carrier and construction should be as early as possible while using own available resources. The aircraft career should able to carry 15 JF-17 thunders, 12 Z-9EC and 7 seeking at a time.

The carrier must have anti missile system, torpedo counter measures, anti gun system, communication equipment with surface sub surface and aviation forces.

1.1 Collect requirements

Requirement documentation

While considering project charter and stockholder register we use different sort of techniques such as prototypes, observation, interviews, decision making techniques etc we have documented different types of requirements which are as follows:

  • functional requirements
  • The functional requirements of our project are as follows
  • Lab tested material should use throughout the construction

Fire fighting system for all kinds of fire:

  • Length 320 m
  • Beam 80 m
  • Draught 25 m
  • 10 no of engines

All machinery from German olam company

Carrier should carry 15 missile with range of missile 300 miles

  • 17 anti missile with range of missile 100 miles
  • 14 torpedo and 20 counter measure with range of missile 60 miles
  • 1500 tons fuel capacity
  • 4 navigational radars with range from 10 to 150 miles
  • 4 fire control radars range from 10 to 300 miles
  • 3 sonar range of 200 miles
  • Surface, sub surface and above surface communication equipments


The non functional requirements are as follows

  • 5 engine should be 7000 hp
  • Other 5 engines should be 5000 hp
  • Fire fighting system on ammunition locker and machinery compartments should be automatic
  • Fire fighting system on living space and galley should be manual
  • Fire control radar should be capable to track the stealth objects
  • Navigational radar should operate on 7 different modes
  • ESM should operate in 8 different modes
  • All missile should be active
  • 7 torpedo should be homing
  • 8 torpedo should be guided


Our purpose is to construct a well equipped and operational aircraft carrier for defensive and offensive actions, to achieve expected performance the basic requirements which we consider are as follows:

  • Good quality material
  • Good auxiliaries
  • Effective weapons
  • Effective sensors
  • Effective radars
  • Aviation facilities
  • Effective fire fighting equipments
  • Effective countermeasures

To ensure a good material for construction we should consult with a construction company whose credibility is up to our standards and which have the modern equipment for testing materials.

To ensure good supply of electricity we must concern suitable electrical company which must have done this kind of job before and are familiar with their performance.

As for auxiliaries concerns we will contact to German Olympus Company because it is reliable company and has been examined many of time before.

To ensure the effectiveness of weapons on board ship we will test their capability from any other platform, after completing the testing of all weapon we will let the company for weapon fittings, also after fitting we will once again test the weapons.

We will follow same procedure for sensors and radars as well, first checking from others platforms after satisfaction from the capabilities and effectiveness we will allow their fitting.

Since the primary purpose of aircraft carrier is to provide air assistance to the surface force, so we must be vigilant about aviation facilities, which include securing facility, fuel facility, platform for maintainers etc.

Fire is considered to be the dangerous agent especially on board ships , we will provide effective firefighting equipment for every compartment. And also we ensure the first aid and minor operation facilities in case of emergency.

Above mentioned are distinct from each other so maintain and track each requirement we need different which ensure the required effectiveness of their particular task.



Our aim is to build an operational well equipped warship with all aviation facilities (AIRCRAFT CARRIER) . We can achieve it by fulfilling all requirements which facilitate us to accomplish our task effectively.

The aircraft career should able to carry 15 JF-17 thunders, 12 Z-9EC and 7 seeking at a time.

We will create a platform which will be able to carry our required aircraft with different securing position for each aircraft. The maintenance places should be different according to their type.

The carrier must have anti missile system.

We will fit 17 anti missiles. The position of anti missile should be different, 5 anti missile on fox,l 5 on quarterdeck, 3 on stbd and 4 on port. The range of each missile should not be less than 100 miles.

Torpedo counter measures

We will be having 20 torpedo counter measures on different position. the range should not be less than 60 miles.

Communication equipment with surface sub surface and aviation forces

Role of communication cannot be neglected to fight an effective warfare. We will be having 5 different setups of communication equipment of different companies to communicate with surface, sub surface and air forces.

  • 10 engines

We will have total 10 no of engines from German Olympus company among these 5 engines will be of 5000 hp and 5 of 7000 hp.

  • Missile system

Carrier will possesses total 17 missiles on different locations. 10 missile should be guided

And 7 missiles should be passive. The range of each missile should not be less than 300 miles.

  • Radar system

We should have different no of radars for navigational and fire control purpose.

We should have 4 navigational radars and 4 fire control radars.

  • Sonar system

We will be having 3 sonar on different locations . the range of each sonar should not be less than 200 miles.

Firefighting system


We will conduct the trials of all equipment and weapons on yearly basis and by reviewing these trials we will make necessary updates by getting information from higher authorities.

We will maintain a stack holder register which can be helpful for further progress/improvements.




French company

He will be interested in profit and his publicity so he can affect the project.

Chinese company

. He will be interested in profit and his publicity so he can affect the project.


Main sponsor will be given by.

Please change the project to one you can manage as a project manager.


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