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Situation Of College Students Employment Education Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Education
Wordcount: 1865 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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"This year the situation of college student employment is still grim" as Labor Protection Department of Chinese government's governer Zhang Xiaojian said.(picture of people waiting for job) Why did he say so? Let's look at some figures(2001-2009 figure and num of graduates ).We can say that the number of graduate students sharply increase in recent years and the rate of employment is lower and lower. In the 2009, even one third of college students can't find a job. Some people may wonder whether college students are so much that cause the problem. However, compared the developed country, China are far leave behand. The percentage of going to college people is 8.3% in 1997 and it is 15% in 2002, while the everage num of attending to college people around world is 17.8% in 1997 and it is 61.1% in the develop country. We can realize that our country's higher education is on the lowest leverl of the world education development. Why can this happen? Followe us and find some reasons.

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First of all, Many employers choose university students in more or less errors. To begin with, there are too much attention to diploma. Many employment agencies believe that the higher the better. Candidate qualifications, and result in employment of staff and capacity and jobs are incompatible, or talent to waste, for example, some units of graduate recruitment software for the unit only simple word processing, typing and so on. Some real work ability and can not be directly equated diploma. Many college students in undergraduate or postgraduate business are better than the operational capacity of poor. Besides, there exists the sex discrimination, obviously at a disadvantage female students. Many employers consider the physiological factors of female students, such as marriage factors, achievement motivation, and labor protection insurance of women workers expenses and so on. The cost of future work of female undergraduate is major more than male students, which is the main reason for female University of employment. In addition, source area discrimination. Moreover, many employers take into account the unit's operations are closely connected with the local level, to recruit college students are familiar with local dialects and customs, and even some personal relationships, There are also regional discrimination biogenic practice local protectionism in local government, result in conducive to fair competition in college students. At last, lack of experience is the biggest disadvantage of university graduates, many enterprises have difficulties in employment, eager to recruit a capable side and hoped soon to bring changes to the enterprise, while the college students can not meet the employer requirements soon. Students ignored the potential employer and plasticity, in fact, experience has always nurtured in practice, students had a higher theoretical level, they undergo a short-term.

Secondly, college students themselves have many problems. First of all, many graduates find jobs have a certain certificate, diploma, resume for job convenience, some students through their diligence and hard work in the college, striving to obtain the relevant certificate, while not working- hard are use hard students through opportunistic or fraud to cheat initial trust of companies, the overall image of the university graduates can cause certain damage. Second, the overall quality of students has decreased. Public Universities in recent years have expanded enrollment coupled with surge in private colleges, enrollment scores continue to decrease, and many university students do not study seriously, manipulative ability, lack of practical experience, downward trend in the overall quality of students. Thirdly, the students positioned itself biased. They want to find high income, with good treatment unit. Since China's economic development in different parts of the imbalance, between the eastern and western regions, coastal areas and large gaps between the Mainland of university graduates choose to work areas, excessive focus on Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other hot spots, resulting in the region significantly increased the employment pressure. At the same time, Students "high not a low not to" seriously affect the psychological orientation of employment. According BEIJING (July 23, 2004) reported that second quarter of 2004 the most difficult to find work undergraduates. Junior secondary and below education, high school, college, undergraduate, master's and higher level education in the job who were 0.96,0.92,0.91,0.87,1.42 magnification. Junior competition is 96 100 jobs, while only 87 of 100 undergraduate students compete for jobs(同æ-¶¼Œå¤å­¦ç”Ÿ"高不成¼Œä½Žä¸å°±"心理定位严重影响就业。据中æ-°ç½‘(2004å¹´7月23æ-¥)报道¼Œ2004年第二季度本ç‘生最难找工作。初中及以下æ-‡åŒ-程度、高中、å¤ä¸“、本ç‘、硕士及以上æ-‡åŒ-程度的求职人倍率分别为0.96、0.92、0.91¼Œ0.87¼Œ1.42。即100名初中生竞争96个å²-位¼Œè€Œ100名本ç‘生只有87个å²-位可供竞争¼Œé€ æˆæœ¬ç‘学就业难的最主要原因之一是"目前本ç‘生'高不成、低不就'"的心理状态。) Fourth, the job search is uncertain. Many students participate in a variety of personnel through the exchange would "cast a wide net" approach, or hope that an acquaintance "care relationship", "looking for opportunities" to Lift the "golden rice bowl", not good at "selling" themselves, not for their own practical advantages, by focusing on understanding the real needs of employers, to improve the employment rate.

Faced such a tough employment problem, some students may feel upset. Can we find jobs in the future, as many students worring about? Next, we will talk about the solution, which contains a system of employer, students, universities.

First, an employer response is important. Selection criteria should be reasonable. Employers according to their size, development, post the actual, thinning job responsibilities, in accordance with job requirements, develop a reasonable selection criteria, to determine quality and quantity of recruits. Second, determine the scientific recruitment process. To determine the recruitment assessment process, development of assessment content, assessment procedures in accordance with, the basis of merit. Basically accomplished through the following three steps: first, primaries should In accordance with job requirements, assessment mandatory targets. Such as age, education, experience, etc., to check citizen ID card, graduation certificate and the corresponding ability to prove results and the experience of award-winning show, etc., to determine initial eligibility of candidates; second, test. Including oral, written, practical and other forms, it should mainly relate to operational capacity assessment; third, re-testing. After both interviews, employer make hiring decisions, mainly hierarchy of needs assessment of the recruits of the recruits with job satisfaction are consistent with the final taking of appropriate persons


Second, students respond to the hard problem of employment. First of all, students should improve their overall quality, including quality and ability, advocating that truth, uphold the truth, have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, and good professional ethics, foster a correct world outlook and values. In addition, college students should seek knowledgeable, with reasonable knowledge structure, a certain degree of scientific literacy, an innovative spirit, randomness and flexibility of thinking. Good psychological quality can help students face more intense social competition, and strong convictions, and full of hope, passion. At the same time, a good physical fitness, health is very important. Otherwise, human resources decision-making capacity will be reduced. Second, the strengthening of social practice is also important. Students can make use of leaving school to participate actively in social practice, at the same time, they will learn the theoretical knowledge and practical work, and improve the capacity of dealing with practical problems, accumulated work experience. Third, college students should have the correct positioning of employment. Their job search should face the reality, the current students can help talent exchange, network resources, and ways to find suitable jobs, and bold initiative to sell out their true talent, treasure and seize the hard-won jobs. At last, change employment outlook -find job firstly choose job then. if students are preoccupying with whether the immediate job status is satisfactory or not, they will lose many opportunities to start. they can be accumulated in the course of employment prior work experience, so that greater self-worth are enhanced for future work and then they will find the ideal foundation.

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Third, colleges have some reforms to improve the students' employment situation. At beginning, it should improve teaching standards. Colleges should change their concepts, to grasp the trend of internationalization of education, strengthening the world's exchanges and cooperation in the field of higher education, and comprehensively improve the level of school. Higher education goals should be set up correctly, and actively training students the knowledge and ability. Secondly, college should be market-oriented, close contact with the actual situation of economic and social development, accelerate the adjustment of college professional structure, allocate its resources rationally in order to cultivate marketable talent. It must be emphasized that the current Chinese labor market for skilled workers must be greater than the trend, especially in extreme shortage of high skilled workers. Third, college can establish and improve the employment service system. The establishment of service-based employment of college graduates working body, and can work independently, to graduates and employers to provide information services, consulting services, guidance services, training services, multi-pronged, three-dimensional content and services forms of service for college students to establish the correct concept of career aspirations and careers, master skills competition, and actively participate in the competitive talent market and create favorable conditions.

At last, other measures of social and government are enriched. First, the Government must make the appropriate overall social adjustment. Economic develops through the efforts of the government and adjust the industrial structure, especially the establishment of high-tech industries, improve the industrial level, to increase the human capacity to absorb graduates, so that the community colleges and universities to train people and good people to use interface, which is the Government and social responsibility. Second, to expand the number of graduates recruited to expand the graduate enrollment. To some outstanding graduates to join the PLA, helps improve the quality of its army, while part of the solution graduate employment, expansion of graduate enrollment.


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