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Preferred Learning Styles

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The report aimed to scrutinize and analyze the position of myself as a undergraduate, this project has become a very good way for myself to identify and know my own personality and preferred learning styles more better than earlier. I am able to know my personal strong and weaknesses through different type of test I took. Those test will suggest some of the learning style which suit me the most, and assist me to gained a higher grade on my study life. Furthermore, this report aims to determine my intrinsic personality type and my roles in a team.

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In order to achieve the above objectives, tests like VARK Questionnaire, Myers-Briggs Personality Type, and Belbin Self Perception Team Role Profiles test are able to determine my personality type and my preferred learning style. Every suggestion of the result of the test will be addressed once I answered all the question. Besides that, comment from my family and friend was become a supporting evidence on the determination of my personality type and learning abilities. Based on the few test I took and the comment of my family, i might be able to determines where i stand today, and the trueness of myself.

Later, I picked my future career job based on the field i study and own interest, doing research to collect more information which related with the job that I taken up, looking to the requirement of the job and  based on my skill-set to determine myself whether that is a job which suit me.

Section A: Who I am as a learner

1.VARK Test

VARK is designed to examine a learner learning style, and it’s also determined a personal style of a learner. VARK is a very useful test for every learner, and VARK was elucidated and formulated by Fleming(2002), and is based on the existing nuero-linguistic model which formulated by Eicher(1987). VARK test was divided into 4 different types of categories. It was VISUAL, AURAL, READ/WRITE and KINESTHETIC. Each learners might be not really know their own learning style sometimes, therefore most of learners know their learning style through VARK Test. The purpose of VARK test is to determine learner learning style and the outcome is based on the basic of favorite learning style of learners. Fleming(2007) says that VARK able to assist learners in their recognition of their learning styles they most like. Following is a brief definition of VARK( Fleming,1992, p274)

Visual: Learners who preferred learn by seeing. For example, using video, poster, pictures during presentations or lectures.

Aural: Learners who preferences learn by hearing. For example, seminars or lectures that do not provide any visual aids.

Read/Write: Learners who preferences learn by processing text. For example, there are able to read a full pages of words, and write out a brief summary.

Kinesthetic: Learners who preference towards learning, practical and sharing experiences for learning purposes. Examples, experiment, practice, simulations, video clip etc.


Visual 11
Aural 11
Read/Write 8
Kinesthetic 11

Figure 1.1 – My VARK Test Score

On my VARK test result, the test has determined my individual learning styles, and my own status nowadays. The VARK Test depicted in the Appendix 1. Based on the result, I quite obliquity on Visual, Aural and Kinesthetic, three of it is the highest score in the test, thus VARK describes me as a multimodal learner. The lowest score is Read/write. I quite consent with the VARK result since I evaluate my study life in Malaysia last year. I have a preference on lecturers who used text books, PowerPoint slide, video or lecture notes which included diagram, graph or pie chart as their teaching materials. I found it easy to understand the lecture through looking on those visual aids. Besides that, I quite easy focus on the pictorials rather than reading a full pages of words of articles or notes which without picture. Other than this, I always had the habit of record the lectures by using MP3 Recorder in class and playback when I doing revision. Re-listening assist me to correcting my notes and more clearer understanding about the lectures. My strengths always assisted me a lot in my study life, I can understand the lectures and assimilate knowledge faster than those students who prefer Read/Write. Based on the real life experience of myself, when I study in INTI University College Malaysia, most of the lecturer is giving their lecture by PowerPoint slides, so I tend to this learning style.

Additionally, I have tendency of creating a presentation slide as notes after class everyday in order to ensure that I do not miss out any point, clearer understanding of the studies lectures. I preferred listening music while making up notes or do exercises simultaneously. My strength always assist me a lot in my study life. That is the reason why my visual, aural and kinesthetic is the highest score in the VARK test obviously, therefore, I have to utilize my strengths wisely from now on until the end of my life.

Apart of this, the VARK test result proved that my weaknesses in Read/ Write aspect obviously, Fleming(2008) illustrate that turning words into visual is another way to improve the weakness of Read/Write. It means that I must put more effort to improve my Read/Write skill and make it equal with the other 3 aspects. I found it difficult to understand those lectures notes, learning material or textbook which only cover by words, it was suffer me always, and  I  feel sleepy easily if I faced it quite a long period. In addition, my weakness be conspicuous when I attending my seminar class. I have to improve my Read/Write skill from now on immediately in order to make sure that is not a difficulty when I out to work in the future.

2. MBTI Test

MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator test, it’s a test based on Jung’s Theory of Personality Types.

Paula A. & Martin. F(2009) defines that “The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a widely used personality inventory, or test, employed in vocational, educational, and psychotherapy settings to evaluate personality type in adolescents and adults age 14 and older“. ESTJ and INFP was carried out the different meaning.

  • extraversion (E) or introversion (I)
  • sensing (S) or intuition (N)
  • thinking (T) or feeling (F)
  • judging (J) or perceiving (P)

MBTI test be able to determined the type of the learners based on the answer of the respondents in the MBTI questionnaire.

Charles R. Martin(1997) defines people who extraversion incline involve in event, outer world, take part in a lot of activities, work or play in groups, and like to make friends. while introversion defines a person who is more inclined towards own idea, opinion, reaction etc. This type of people they more preferred doing things with small group of people who they feel comfortable or alone. They are totally different characteristics if compare with Extraversion.

Molly(2008) defines that people who sensors incline to information they received from what they received and they will tell the facts without any interpretation. People who intuitive more incline to interpretation, imaginative or “sixth sense” rather than just tell the facts.

MyPersonality(2007) defines thinking people are able to make their decision based on what they seen and they not like to think or judge something’s may not based on logic. On the other hands, feeling people make their decision based on their feeling, they decides with heart instead of facts.

MyPersonality(2007) defines that people who judging they normally good at finishing, they like to planning their things and responsible always and control in events of a individual. Besides that, people who perceiving they more preferred outward displayed. They are flexible and adaptable and they not well in organized.



































Figure 1.2: My MBTI Scores




Implication of MBTI Test

Next, On my Myer Briggs Type Indicator test score, the test has determined my individual personality types and also prove that I have two different personality type, it  was ISFP and ESFJ, it was carried out 74% each. The real table score depicted on (APPENDIX 2).

Team Technology(1995) describes the characteristics of  ESFJ person are does not like to live alone, they more prefer live within a group. Besides that, ESFJ type person well in organized, social, but they have an aversion to strange people or environment. This type of people is a good leader in a team, they are eligible to motivate their member, stimulate team spirit in order to build harmony, and organize life on a personal basis. Additionally ISFP type is described by Team Technology(1995) person normally more inclined to introverted feeling, they easily feel moody, get hurt and dislike change. They express their energy towards the inner world of thoughts and emotions. other than this, ISFP person prone to confusion, they are easily disturbed by other comment or judgment.


The mainly different between from ISFP and ESFJ

According to C.G.Jung’s Theory(1977) the first two letter in the type code is the most important, it’s called “dominant function”.

For ESFJ, my dominant function is feeling, it was more incline to Extraverted Feeling. I quite agree on the test result, in my real life, I’m exactly a person who extrovert. I like to make friends, take part of outdoor activities to govern the outer world.  I have an aversion to hidden my expression, I preferred express or voice out straight away. For instance, I like to work with a group of people, since we can share the different point of view and values, and  make more friends. moreover, I tend to consider other feeling more than my own, I seek to build rapport with people, and building a strong relationship with people around me, thus I turn into an important role of audience in my gang of friends, they like to  chat with me.  On the others hands, I like to experience something’s new, I prefer used my life time to experience different types of life style or new environment that I never had before, therefore I can adapt into the new life or new environment fully in a short times always. On the another way round, I always makes a final decision based on my own basic personal values without interrupt by others.

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For ISFP, my dominant function is Introverted Feeling, i.e. oriented towards the inner world. ISFP and ESFJ was happen on me at the same times, however, according to the result of MBTI test, I might be not always extraverted. Review my life, I am a person who introverted before, i not really good in build harmony in the world around me, or encouragement others. For example, when I working in a group last time, I not like to delegate my work to others, i prefer done it by myself due to i lack of confidence of others or stranger, at the end, it’s bring a lot of conflict between me and my group mates. However, my exceedingly confidence and introvert personality spoiled my friend network last time, therefore, I learn to be more Extravert by spend a lot of times.

ESFJ and ISFP not only differ in Extraversion/Introversion, they also differ in judgment / perception. For example, if I wish to planned my goal, make my life become more stable and well organized, I will differ into judging. While, if I prefer to maintain my life flexibility, I will differ into perception. ESFJ and ISFP perhaps occur at the same times, but it is more depend on the environment or the situation. It’s also called natural inclination by Team Technology(1995).



DR Meredith Belbin(2003) defines a team role as ” A tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way“. Scribd(2009) Belbin described the behavior of a member, how their relationship with others among a team. The skills developed by Belbin team-role theory allow an individual well understanding about their own strong and weaknesses, and how they conveyed their skill into their job or a group. Belbin separate into nine Team Roles or cluster of behavior. It was Plant, Resource Investigator, Co-ordinator, Shaper, Monitor Evaluator, Teamworker, Implementer, Completer Finisher and Specialist. Many of the manager or employee was taking part in this questionnaire to discover their own Team Role preferences, and become a successful leader of a teams. Every of the team roles can be adopted by different kind of people, it depend on their own personality types.

Application of Test

I have been finish the BELBIN test and the result of the test(refer Appendix 3)has determined and interpreted the various aspects of my behavior, according to the result of the test, I’m suit to a job which I can use my enduring nature or wont dealing with routine duties. The BELBIN test was showed that I’m a person who extrovert, enthusiastic, communicative, explores opportunities and develop contacts. Based on my personal experience and MBTI test, it was a result which unswerving and precise. On my previous part time job, I capable to overcome obstacles with my family or my staff member. Since I’m a person who extrovert and like to social or explore new opportunities, therefore, I know a lot of friends, and develop a high reputation among my friends and colleague, they assist me no matter what problem I faced. that is one of the evidence to prove that I’m gave a good impression to my friends for sure. I expand the circle of my life triumphant.

The report of the test also indicated my weaknesses i.e. may be uncomfortable when having to deal with pressure, uninterested in dealing with routine duties. I was agreed on this, I like to explore opportunities and experience something’s new, I detestation doing the same things constantly. Once I work under a group, I generally cooperation with others and provide some useful idea to my group mates. In addition, lack of patiently bring me into suffer once I working under pressure, I can’t solve my problem if pressure has come to me. Sometimes, even though the task is easy, once I gave myself too much of pressure, I may not perform well or finish it on times, and consequently it influence my spirit and also affect the performance on the following task. If I can’t released my stress or solve the problem, a feeling of abandonment develops in my heart unintentionally.

The BELBIN report also suggests that I treat anything new as a challenge, thus allowing me to released the stress that over sometimes, and they was encourage me must learn to manage my own career and self-development in a well thought out way, and should look towards someone who harmony, then only my own performance is likely to improve.


According to the result of the three tests I taken, it was proved that I am a multimodal learner. I must utilize my strengths shrewdly and improve my weaknesses, so that I can enhancing my own personality and achieving an better outcome than previous. The overall three tests, I know my-self better than few years ago, and I get ready to overcome every obstacles that I face, and do not reluctance to do something’s may not suit my characteristics.

4.Comment From My Family or Friends

I received some of the comment from my siblings opinion on me, according to their opinion, it’s not really closed with the outcome of the tests. It was not surprised me  because during semester break or holiday, I prefer staying at home for playing computer games or watching drama in my room whole day long. due to the poor communication between me and my siblings or parents, I always keep quiet when taking dinner with them or family days. Moreover, I born from a family that concern traditional right and themes, thus, I remain quiet in order to avoid talking something wrong. From year to year, I not much interact with my family members, therefore, this leads them to misunderstanding about my personality and disagreed on me being an extrovert, which I truly felt that I am.

Section A: Part 2: Implication for career choice

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is a very vital part in our life, with knowledge, we are able to find a good job, and stronger our position in the present competition country or job market. Besides that, knowledge can build up a positive manner and attitude to everyone. Thus, we know how to take care of each other’s or build a good relationship with them. Alongside, the number of degree graduated per year was increasing rapidly, that is the reason why the present job market is so competitive nowadays, and many company or organization are going to employ employees who holding First class or Second class degree certificate, while, we know that knowledge was acting a very important role for everyone and it’s essentially applicable to everyone in the world today.

I need to utilize my knowledge cleverly in my life, and also need to enhance my knowledge base as much as I can. Knowles(1981) defined that learning is a lifelong process, it can last until the day we left the world, we supposed to spend our leisure time to gaining more knowledge is better than just staying home for sleeping or dreaming. I am totally agree with this explanation.

Different phase of life was carry out a different lifelong learning style, before we learn, we must clearly understand how important of lifelong learning , how it motivate us and how it change our discipline. Besides that, Robotham(1995,cites at thorson,2005,p78) suggested that human should preparatory to learn in their initial stage; therefore, we have to ensure the teaching style was suit to the phase of human. For example, children may not accept the teaching styles of adults.  In other way, we have to set the mission or vision for ourselves, thus we only able to enhance our learning motivation. We can’t live under a environment without learning or motivation.

According to the result of Myer Briggs and BELBIN test, I able to judge myself is a lifelong learner since I am a person who like to explore opportunities and extrovert always. I plan to take master courses after completing my degree program, and enter into banking industry. Bank will offer a lot of training course to their staff, therefore, I plan to become a banker due to this reason, and I am able to update myself always without knock out by the new generation. Alongside, it is a best chance which allow me to gain more knowledge and improve my communication skills among people. Wlodkowski(1999, cited at Klingensmith, 2006) states that “high level of motivation to learn for the adults produces the higher learning results, the performance achieved”

Lifelong learning is one of the best way for me to enhance myself and develop well in my career. Everyone has different learning style or different way to acquire knowledge, thus we must choose a right way of learning which suit us the most. Besides that, I will acquire knowledge through many different kind of way i.e. I will try to make more friends from different culture or different countries, so that we can learn each other culture and values. My read/write aspect is not good enough, so I have to improve my read/write skills and utilize my reading/writing skills to understand what I read across various texts. Next, I do not too rely on those knowledge or information that I had, I try to be open minded and accept the new information. Group discussion is the other best way for me to learning and acquire knowledge, I sharing opinion with my group mates, this is the way for me to accept others opinions and advice and also assist me in building up my knowledge and trust between each others. I learned to imitate the positive attitude or behavior that I every had from others.  According to the Myer-Briggs test, I more incline to Extrovert, I take the advantages on it and bring it into my lifelong learning, and try to build myself become a self-governing learner. I plan to make more friend who older than me, thus, I can gained more things and real experience from them. For example, I observe how a manager or a leader perform in a company, how they lead a team become successful. A company cover by a lot of different types personality people, I use the chance to make more different personality type of friends and helping those people who introverts since I am a person who introverts before. In order to make sure the work can running under a harmony environment, I learn to accept people opinion, and building up the good relationship with everyone around me.

Transferable Skills

In order to make sure I can fully adapt into my future career job, I would like to enhance all my skills constantly, hence I can push my-self to the max and achieve the best  performance in the job. How to become a successful bank manager in banking industry? In order to handling the job effectively, communication skills, leadership skills and writing skills. Those skills was playing a very important role from time to time. BANKING industry is one of the biggest industry in the world nowadays. Many of the international bank like HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, CITIBANK, Barclays Bank, they have a huge number of customer from different countries. So the skills of writing, computer skills, and Foreign language is very important. We are going to exclude by the industry if we do not have the sufficient skills. Furthermore, as a bank manager may face a plenty customers every day, therefore, I must be improve my communication skills, so that I find it easy while communicate with customer or people from different countries. I know a different kind of languages such as mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, English, Japanese etc , therefore, I am able to communicate with different type of customers, and make more friends.

Additionally, communication skills was important for sure, hence, I also need to improve my writing skill, interpersonal skills, and so-on. According to the test I took, I have good sociability skills, high motivate skill and leadership skill.  It was mean that I can build a strong relationship with my customer and colleague. Once i become a Bank manager, I will put a lot of effort to become a successful banker manager, and I want to spread my knowledge and my skills  to my staff and lead my team become stronger and stronger. This post needs a very strong leadership skills, planning skills, motivation skills, and communication skills, getting more business from the customers, create a lot of new marketing strategies to attract more customer and maximize the profits of the bank. I will utilize my skills, knowledge, and experience wisely that I had in order to full adapt into the job position.

 Justify choose career choice

I will plan to pursue my career in International Banking industry after graduating with a degree in Business with international management at Northumbria University. My job is needed a lot of skills and knowledge, so lifelong learning automatically become a very important part in my life, I can’t even stop it, because I need the updated knowledge/information and latest skills to handling my future job effectively. I pick two job advertisement(see APENDIX 4). The job advertisement that i found was clearly states the minimum requirement, the detail information of the job and where is the location of the job. In the advertisement,  the Team sales manager must be possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Besides, the candidate should be have sales experience in retail industry before.

The candidate are required to have good communication, motivating, leading and selling skills. Additionally, the candidate are required to Develop and maintain a good network of business contact and also ensure the sales target are met always. On the other hands, the advertisement states that the candidate must have the ability to lead, motivate, and coach a sales team. The applicant must be flexible to be shifted nationwide, work in a group, hence, good communication skills and leading skills was become the compulsory needs within this job. The bank manager are encourage to have good harmonization because bank manager is the who going to attend meeting with different department mostly.

Standard Chartered Bank has provided training courses and banking operations oversea short courses to candidate for understanding more detail about the  product of the SCB, and the rules and regulation, so that the manager are encouraged to be flexible. In order to attract more customer and lead the team become successful, the manager are required being to extrovert always.

The team sale manager hopefully able to working under pressure, since I’m a person who extrovert, sociability, therefore, I believed i will fit well to this position and able to utilize my strengths in this job. Additionally, BELBIN test result shows that I am a resource investigator, who loves to explore opportunities and develop contacts. Therefore, I can fulfill most of the requirement as stated by the job description in the job advertisement.


Finally, after I being done the three tests, I know my personality, my skills, and my learning style, and also learned how to improve my weaknesses. since I plan my career and life, I must be put a lot of effort to make my dream come true, and also keep the attitude of lifelong learning until end of my life or sending the important message about the important of lifelong learning to my future family members.


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