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Why Do We Lose Hair Cultural Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 2766 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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On average people shed about 100 hairs a day. More than that can cause bold patches. Many men and women experiences hair loss at various stages in their lives. Hormonal changes, poor nutrition and scalp damage are few causes of the hair loss. Some reasons for hair loss are reversible and some are permanent. There are many treatments for hair loss. There are alternatives before turning to expensive hair transplant and medications. For those who are troubled by the problem of hair fall, there is a credible shampoo that can be used as an adjunct treatment for the purpose of stopping hair fall. It’s known as the Progaine shampoo and has been especially formulated to be used with the much famous Rogaine hair fall control treatment. Progaine shampoo is designed for anyone suffering from hair loss and is using Rogaine to treat thinning hair.

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Progaine shampoo is designed for finer hair types , unlike most other products which can weigh the hair down. The specialist shampoo cleanses the scalp and removes environmental buildup for example chlorine and pollution) from the hair which are the main cause of hair loss. Penetrating right to the core from root to tip. The Progaine shampoo nourishing ingredients like wheat protein and keratin. Which are very good to cleans the scalp thoroughly and gently. Progaine shampoo can be used on thinner hair types with confidence unlike many other products, which will leave your hair bouncy and give them extra volume. It doesn’t wilt them down like most other common shampoos. The finest ingredients are used to make the product. The shampoo is designed for both men and women and for all hair types. Upjohn the manufacturers of the shampoo do not claim that progaine alone will re grow hair. However it works well as a supplement to Rogaine and other topical hair loss treatments by getting your scalp clean and healthy for hair loss treatments to work.

Rogaine and progaine treatments works most effectively on early stages of the hair loss but has had surprising effects even for those who have noticeable thinning. Many people who used Progaine shampoo said that along with Rogaine, the product really made a difference to their appearance and boosted their confidence. If you have hair loss or concern about thinning hair, choosing to add Rogaine and Progaine shampoo to your hair care regime could be life changing. The amazing product does not contain monoxidil. The unique formula of this product works in conjunction with Rogaine treatment to give the best chance possible for improved hair growth. People who combined the Rogaine treatment with progaine shampoo said they had noticeable results in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. The progaine shampoo is available in many selected stores and also online.

What is conditioner and its benefits

The term hair conditioner is vague. Hair conditioners fall into groups according to what you want to accomplish with your hair. People with thin hair need a specific kind of conditioner; people with thick, dry hair need another. A conditioner is something that will improve quality of another thing. For centuries oils have been used to condition human hair. These natural ingredients are still in use today, such as essential oils, jojoba oil. Modern hair conditioner was created at the turn of twentieth century when well known perfumer ED Pinaud presented a product he called brilliantine at the 1900 exposition universelle in paris. His product was meant to soften hair. Since the invention of Pinaud’s early product, modern science has advanced the hair conditioner industry. The best product now days are Progaine shampoo and conditioner. The product is best for its natural ingredients. Progaine shampoo and conditioner coats the cuticle of the hair itself so healthy, shiny and bouncy hair can be obtained.

There are six categories in conditioner. Moisturizers are concentrated with humectants. Humectants are compounds that attract and hold moisture into the hair. They may not contain botanicals or protein (they often do contain it). Reconstructors normally contain protein. Hydrolyzed human hair keratin protein is the best source because it contains 19 amino acids found in the hair. Human hair protein has a low molecular weight. This enables it to penetrate the hair shaft. The main purpose of a reconstructor is to strengthen the hair. Acidfiers the key word is acid. When a product carries pH of 2.5 to 3.5 it is normally termed as acidifier. The pH will compact the cuticle layer of the hair. The result is shiny, bouncy hair. Acidifiers do not weight the hair. They do create shine and add elasticity. Detanglers are acidifiers too. They close the cuticle of the hair, which cause tangles. Some shield the hair shaft with polymers (polymers are strings of molecules a chain). Thermal protectors safeguard the hair against heat. Using thermal protectors are one of the best things you can do to your hair if u blow dry, use curling irons, or hot rollers. They normally use heat absorbing polymers that distribute the heat. So your hair does not get heat damage. Glossers are cosmetic. Most glossers contain dimethicone or cyclomethicone (very light oils derived from silicone). Used in small amounts they reflect light. Also they are one of best products to control the frizzies.

Hair loss can be devastating in its normal effects. People suffering from hair loss, lose confidence because of their appearance changes and feel unattractive. Premature hair loss can be blamed on a wide number of contributing factors. These incluse skin conditions, hormone levels, stress and poor health. There are number of treatments for hair loss and many products are developed to reduce the hair loss. One of the most popular products is progaine shampoo and conditioner. progaine shampoo and conditioner are aimed at people with thinning hair or premature hair loss who want to take good hair of their scalp. Progaine shampoo and conditioner do not contain minoxidil, and for this reason do not claim to make new growth of hair. Instead the philosophy behind it is a clean healthy scalp helps promote follicle rejuvenation providing an optimum environment for new hair growth.

progaine shampoo and conditioner contain a range of ingredients which does help in nourishing the hair from inside and make the hair less likely to snap or break off all together. The vitamins in the product help in removing the environmental build up from scalp and cleans the hair very gently which results in stronger and long lasting hair. The proteins added to the product includes soy protein, wheat protein, keratin and jojoba seed oil. All these ingredients have been proven to have excellent effects of the appearance and quality if hair in shortest period of time. The products can be used and purchased together and separately. Progaine shampoo and conditioner is available online and in many selected stores and chemists.

Volumizing products and its benefits

Progaine volumizing shampoo is great for thin and fine hair.designed to cleanse and condition the hair. The product optomize and volumize your hair with progaine products. The ingrediants in the progaine volumizing shampoo are deionized water , sodium laureth sulfate , cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine , polyquaternium-11 , glycol stearate , hydrolyzed wheat protein, cocamide MEA , guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride , steardimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed wheart prote , panteneol , fragrance , iodopropnyl butylcarbamate , DMDM hydantion , wheat amino acids , cinnamidopropyl trimonium chloride. The product is especilly formulated to gently clean and thicken fine or thinning hair. It helps fighting againts weigh down hair. Most shampoo contains silicone which make the hair feel softer. However this silicone can often make the hair feel thinner. In addition , silicone can coat the scalp and this stops treatments from reaching the roots of the hair.

The unique formula penetrates each hair as it strengthens from the inside out, providing each strand more volume. This is important factor as some build up such as DHT , a hormone , have been shown to cause hair loss , and inhabit new growth. Midly formulated, progaine volumizing shampoo contains a whole host of nurishing ingrediants which are known as to aid strengthen and condition the hair. The experts explains that using using ingrediants such as in progaine volumizing shampoo help to give strength the hair by penetrating deep to the core. Vitamins help feed he hair , making it shine with health and vitality. It is also safe to use on colour treated hair. The shampoo is desinged for both men and women.

The reviews for progaine volumizing shampoo from the users show that results are eye oppening and amazing. This is true texturing shampoo that will raise the cuticles and give each atrand of hair some real texture so they ll get a little air between them and fluff up on your head, this is the shampoo you are lookin for. The users who were unconvinced by the product claims were impressed right from the first use. And which shows excellent results achieved by the manufacturers of the product. Progaine volumizing shampoo use 100% natural ingredients and is therefore very safe to use on any type of hair. The product is available online and in many selected stores in very reasonable and compatible price.

Styling products and their benefits

Progaine volumizing foam is styling product. It is excellent product for anyone wants to add more volume to their hair. It contains mousse like formula and is creamy and rich and most important gives extra volume where it is needed. It gives you great hold which makes styling your hair as u wish.it is suitable for both wet and dry hair. The hair looks clean and natural when progaine volumizing foam is applied. The ingredients are specially formulated for the thinning hair, not weighing it down or making it look dull or dry. All the bad ingreadents which can damage the sclap or irrate it are excluded, and ingredients suuch as weight protein and amino acids help to build hair strength. The product brings end to uninspired hair even if you’re suffering hair loss or thinning hair problems.

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Progaine volumizing foam is a moisture rich mousse that builds adds volume and body to wavy hair with rich botanicals and vitamins. The pure selected and natural ingredients keep the hair in their healthy form for longer period of time. Regular use of the product also prevents from future hair lose and dull hair. Reviews for the progaine volumizing foam are in general very positive. Most users say the product give them more flexibility with the hair styles they could try and worked very well as a part of progaine range of hair treatments. The product is available to purchase online or in many selected stores. The price is very reasonable and affordable.

The progaine volumizing foam gives you the styling hold you desire. This airy foam creates volume and control the hair. Adding staying power to style .The ingredients in the progaine volumizing foam are deionized water, acrylates copolymer, methacryloyl ethyl betaine, acrylates copolymer, cocotrimonium methosulfate, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, PVP, dimethicone copolyol meadowfoamate, aminomethyl propanol, panthenyl hydroxypropyl steardimonium choloride, cocodimonium hydrolyzed hair keratin, panthenol, fragrance, DMDM hydantion, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, hydrolyzed wheat protein, wheat amino acids, octyl mathoxycinnamate.

Dandruff is another common problem in many people’s hair. Most people feel their head itchy; don’t wear black because the dandruff shows. However it is not the same with new products in the market. Dandruff is one cosmetic inconvenience that can be overcome very easily with right treatment. There are many products available, so you could easily be able to overcome the problem. The dandruff may seem at first very easy to prevent with one of the anti dandruff shampoo, but the problem is actually much deeper than jus a flaky scalp. Some people think lack of cleanliness causes dandruff, but the truth is something else. Dandruff is a mild inflammation of the scalp causes flaking in the head. The flakes are visible most of the time its itchy or sore.

Progaine shampoo 2 in 1 is treatment for hair with dandruff problems. Dandruff is most common problem. Dandruff responds very well to treatment but often reoccurs when the treatment is stopped. The old cells on the scalp are constantly renewing and the old ones are pushed to the surface. The main cause of dandruff is when the process of renewal speeds up twice the normal rate; hence the greater number of dead cells are shed. Dandruff is believed to be associated with an overgrowth of a fungus commonly found on the skin and scalp, called pityrosporum ovale. The reaction to the yeast causes the increased turnover and flaking, hence progaine shampoo 2 in 1 is the best treatment available. It stops the yeast reaction all together and also moisture the scalp to prevent dandruff problem all together.

Dandruff scales usually occur as small, round, white patches on top of the head. It can occur anywhere in head. Dandruff is often known as dry scalp, but people with oily scalps tend to suffer the most. An oily scalp also supports the growth of P ovale. Dandruff is natural process, it cannot be eliminated. It can only be managed and controlled with progaine 2 in 1 shampoo. The cause of dandruff is usually due to the overworking of the sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil and help shed dead skin. In the case of a dandruff sufferer, the sebaceous glands are overactive, shedding more skin than usual. The condition gets better in summer and worse in winter but now with progaine 2 in 1 shampoo the condition can be better and under control whole year round.

Progaine deep cleansing shampoo is in popular range. The shampoo is a mild formula of nutrients and vitamins, along with deep cleansing ingredients. It is especially aimed at resolving the problems like thinning hair, hair fall and deep cleansing. The scientist have spent many years in research to develop the product which will resolve people specific problems like to deal with hair which needs a more intense clean. Weak and thin hair can be weigh down by residues of other hair products, dirt, dust and pollution. Progaine deep cleansing shampoo lifts the unwanted build up of dust and dirt from the scalp which can have very negative effects on the growth of the hair leaves the hair very fresh feeling without stripping the hair natural protection.

Progaine deep cleansing shampoo is gentle deep cleansing and nutrient to maximize healthy hair growth. All hair is prone to pollution progaine deep cleansing shampoo uses peppermint and rich nutrients, together creating a mildly astringent action to benefit the scalp. Progaine deep cleansing shampoo removes all the dirt and pollutants dulling down the hair style, refill hair with the moisture. Oily scalp is also bad for healthy hair therefore the shampoo removes excess oil from hair and scalp. It also prevents further damage to the hair. It uses all natural ingredients as all other progaine products. It contains no harmful or coating chemical preservatives. It also contain RNA and DNA.

Progaine deep cleansing shampoo is the one to use when the sebaceous glands have produced more oil than is needed because of special all natural ingredients which help dry up the overactive glands. Daily shampoos are not harmful with progaine deep cleansing shampoo, but it would be advisable not to over stimulate the scalp by excessive rubbing, thus producing more oil. Progaine deep cleansing shampoo also penetrates damaged hair to strengthen and protect against additional damage. The shampoo works immediately, rinses cleanly and wont coat your hair. The result is shiny, soft full and manageable hair. It is also good for chemically treated hair. The PH balance is 4.5- 5.5 (the range of healthy hair and scalp)

All the progaine products are available online and also in many stores around the country and worldwide. It is also available in many chemists all over the world. The prices are very compatible with all the similar range of products. There is website for the company that is www.progaineshampoo.org . The company welcomes the feedback from the customers. The website also explains how and where to buy progaine products.


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