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Observation on Culture of New Zealand

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Wordcount: 1195 words Published: 23rd Sep 2019

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I was given an opportunity to visit New Zealand which is one of the most beautiful and geographically diverse country in the world. It was an immense pleasure being with the friendliest people around the world. In my visit, I realized it was more hands-on experience than I thought, as I gained a lot of information and discovered a lot about the culture of the country. The country is in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting two main islands, North Island and South Island. The nation typically has mild temperatures, moderately high rainfall especially in winters and an adequate amount of sunshine throughout the country. The hottest months are December, January and February, and the coldest are June, July and August. In summer, the normal most extreme temperature goes between 20 – 30ºC and in winter between 10 – 15ºC. The country is best known for its scenic beauty with amazing beaches, magnificent snow peaks and mountains, and some spectacular waterfalls. New Zealand cooking is to a great extent driven by neighborhood fixings and regular varieties, but seafood is especially favourite among Kiwis and Maori Hangi is their traditional dish which is made on special occasions. (Tourism, 2019).

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The Maori were the first inhabitants of New Zealand who arrived in voyaging canoes and created a distinctive culture. Later in the 18th century many Europeans migrated to New Zealand and were able to destabilise the Maori society due to the weapons, technologies and diseases they brought with them. Then came Captain James Cook, a British explorer who colonized New Zealand by the 19th century and bringing Pakeha culture with him. Pakeha is a term used to define white people. A treaty was then signed between the British crown and Maori stating that the Queen or King of Britain has the right to rule New Zealand and Maori would keep their land but would sell it to British Monarch. There were major disputes over the land that led to several wars and continued until the majority of the land was owned by the settlers and crowned. Now the country is a constitutional monarchy with a parliament democracy. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand and the head of state. There is a plethora of local and national holidays in New Zealand. Kiwis are fond of their wine, food, art and music, so most of them revolve around the world-class wineries, music and seafood. (Working Holiday Starter, 2019). (New Zealand, 2019).

The people of New Zealand are generally friendly and outgoing as it is easy to start a conversation with them, but they do not like sharing a lot of personal information and keep some privacy. During my visit I came across this traditional greeting done by pressing the nose and forehead against some else’s called Hongi which came from Maori culture, basically is a gesture of respect. Despite of having relatively small size and less population, the people are proud and protective of their heritage, culture and the mesmerizing landscapes the country has which makes it a famous tourist destination. (Travel Start sat60, 2019)

According to my observation, New Zealanders usually prefer an arm’s length distance with one another when talking. Also, men will in general keep up more space from one another amid discussion than do ladies. Individuals in provincial regions will in general stand somewhat further separated. In New Zealand in the workplace when giving a presentation, people generally avoid exaggerated claims, hyperbole as they believe in what people ‘can do’ and not what they say they can do. They try presenting their business cases with more facts and figures as emotions and feelings are not important in New Zealand business culture. Maintaining eye contact and a foot or an arm distance of personal space is necessary. It can be difficult in conducting a meeting in December and January as it is the time when people generally enjoy their summer vacation. Kiwis acknowledge trustworthiness and directness in business dealings. (Cultural Atlas sbs , 2019).

In the end I would say that the country has many beautiful sights seeing with friendly, generous and kind-hearted people. It is not difficult to start a conversation with Kiwis though they do maintain privacy, but once you create a personal relationship, they turn out to be generous. Also, once they are comfortable with you, touching on shoulder or arm to emphasize a point is generally acceptable. Keeping a eye contact and an arm distance is important when making communication. The country should expand its business industry for economic growth as it mainly deals in agriculture, horticulture and has some short and medium scale industries.



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