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How Culture Language And Tradition Are Affected Cultural Studies Essay

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A country’s culture, language and tradition are a very big component to the structure and well-being of the people. So, when this country has been taken over or conquered, all these factors change. The language will be destroyed and so will the culture. This might sometimes result to a bad beginning, especially looking at the factors that differs the country from the others such as the culture, the tradition and language. These factors are very important as they show the countries independency and uniqueness. “In any event, colonization and the grant of lands were provincial matters.” Albert Bushnell Hart.

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Globally, when a country is conquered, it might be very good for the country itself and also the people, looking at it in an economic perspective. “Over a hundred new nations were born during the process of de-colonization. Most of these new nations, however, had not existed at all as nations before colonization, or they had not existed within the post-colonial borders.” Mark N. Katz. “Collapsed Empires.” In Managing Global Chaos: Sources of and Responses to International Conflict. Looking at it socially, the culture will be forcefully changed or altered, which will affect the people. Also a colonised country createssituations that encourage a group to its rivalry. “This enabled the Soviet authorities to continuously be called upon by the people of the region to help them manage conflicts that were bound to emerge as a result of these artificial divisions.”-Randa M.Slim “The Ferghana Valley: In the Midst of a Host of Crises.” In Searching for Peace in Central and South Asia: An Overview of Conflict Prevention and Peace building Activities. Around the world many countries are colonised, however that means that greater countries such as America and United Kingdom are having more and more power of their culture being spread out. This gives these countries an upper hand, especially when compared to less economically developed counties. Looking at the country that is being colonised perspective, this country is losing its individuality. Sometimes the country gets to keep it culture but since it’s colonised, some part of the culture is going to be altered or even forgotten once this new culture has been introduced. “Countries under foreign command quickly forget their history, their past, their tradition, their national symbols, their way of living, often their own literary language.” Slobodan Milosevic

At the same time we can see that globally the western culture is spreading and many people and countries live with this culture. The western civilisation has taken over our world and this has a lot to do with the fact that globalisation and colonised countries are a root to the western countries. Whatever you see on TV, listen on the radio or even buy clothes from the store is what the western civilization wears, listen to, and even acts. All this is spreading over our world and everyone is being infected.

However, if we all held on to our cultures, wherever we are, whatever we are doing it will always be part of us. So for our cultures to still be intact, we should try individually to maintain and not forget what our country was once proud to be part of. This all starts by first respecting and loving to be part of the culture. After that, we won’t only not forget but teach others who have forgotten their tradition.

Locally, Ethiopia has many different cultures and languages. It takes pride to its individuality of the local People. Ethiopia is one of the only countries in Africa that is not conquered by another. For this reason, its culture is still intact. Even if globalisation is taking place, the different culture of the people still stays strong. I am not implying that people still live the same as they did in the olden days, but even if children or even students live with the latest technology, they still speak their traditional language everywhere, and their parents reinforce their culture to be intact. In my experience, I live in a country where tradition contributes to the way we live, talk and even act.Your culture and language take a big part in who you are. Wherever you go in Ethiopia, there are no local people that are not culture oriented. The people also know how important that their culture is and so for this reason many people tend to hold on their heritage their parents taught them.

Since the people in Ethiopia are one hundred per cent devoted to their culture, I don’t believe that we will lose our touch. One main reason that Ethiopia is like this is that it is not colonised; the cultures that have been living for the past hundred years are still living strong.

Personally I think that a countries culture and language are extremely important. This shows the tradition of the local people. Since I live in a country focused on culture, I know how important it is. My parents worry sometimes that I a forgetting my tradition because of the school I go to and globalisation, that we go visit my cultural town, Harar. They also try to speak to me in my language, Haderegna.Since my culture is a big part of me, I am interested to always know moreabout my culture. This also is because my grandmother was the niece of the last king of Harar. Knowing that my great uncle was royalty got my attention. I believe as I grow older I will tend to want to know more and will try to teach my children are family the significance of Harar.

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Globalisation is affecting the way people think about their cultures. Since modern technology has taken over our world, what once was thought of as a tradition is now forgotten. In the past, marriage used to be very important in someone life’s, now people are striving more to get a good education and job then thinking about settling down and starting a family. This goes for many traditions that are now not thought of as important. I understand why this is happening. These generations get that if we don’t have a good job then we will not succeed in life. Colonisation brings globalisation, and so more and more people are forgetting about their culture to try to live a successful life. However, when now thought of our future, we all think the western way. Globalisation also takes a big part in this. Everything on TV, to the clothes in every modern shop is filled with westernized products. All this new ways of a ‘better living’ is thought of the only way of living and so encouraging us to forget about our traditions. When a country is colonised with MEDC’S, the will improve economically which means they will be more civilised and westernised. So globalisation would have taken place in that country, making people move further away from their original culture and tradition. “The loss of national identity is the greatest defeat a nation can know, and it is inevitable under the contemporary form of colonization.” Slobodan Milosevic.

We all need to understand that even if globalisation is happening all around us, we will always have to try to keep our cultures intact for our own purposes. It might seem easy to fit into or live in a western civilisation, however later on we will feel as if we are missing something, like that taste of our cultural food or the sound of our cultural music even that language we didn’t seem to understand in our childhood. So overall, for us to be truly happy and not live someone else’s life, we will need to hold on with a strong grip on the culture that will always be a part of each and every one of us.


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