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Cultural Features of Poland

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To begin with, Poland has a lot of different interesting facts like physical features, agriculture, and culture features. Poland is one of the ninth largest countries in Europe by the land area. The Polish American relations were officially established in 1919. Since 1989, Polish and American relations have been strong and Poland is one of the most stable European allies of the United States being part of both NATO  and the European Union. Poland is famous for being the home of the scientists.

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Poland has many interesting facts about its  physical features. The official name is Poland’s Rzeczpospolita Polska or as in America it is called Poland. This country is located on the continent of Europe and is surrounded by Germany on the west. The Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Ukraine and Belarus to the east, while Lithuania and the Russian province of Kaliningrad Oblast to the northeast of Poland. Poland is about 120,726 square miles in size, that is about 3 times smaller than the United States.

Poland has many agricultural techniques as well as a great economy. Poland has the largest economy in Eastern Europe, with GDP totaling $420 billion in 2007. The major industries in Poland are machine building, iron and steel, coal mining , chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass, beverages, and textiles. Poland is one of the largest manufacturing industries in chemicals manufacture. Poland also has a very strong presence in making televisions. Most of Poland is country grounded in forestry and agriculture.  A lot of Poland’s land area is used for farming barley, oats, rye, and wheat. In farms they raise dairy cattle, pigs, poultry, and cultivate fruit. They imported goods for manufacturing and industrial retooling, such as machinery and equipment, fuels, minerals, chemicals, and metals. Some goods they exported were  furniture, foods, motor boats, light planes, hardwood products, casual clothing, shoes and cosmetics. The climate in Poland is warm in the summer and is freezing cold in the winters. Poland has many land forms such as the, sand dunes, deserts, mountains, hilly plains, lowlands, and many bodies of water. Lastly, Poland has many natural resources made from minerals are brown coal,copper, zinc, sulphur, lead, and silver.

Poland has many Cultural features such as languages, holidays, education, food, and recreation. One of the language the Polish people speak is a West Slavic language spoken primarily in Poland. Some of the Poland holidays are January 1st New Year’s Day, on May 1st Labor Day, on May 3rd its Constitution Day, on August 15th it is Assumption Day and lastly on November 11th it is Independence Day. The education in Poland is compulsory and starts at the age of six or seven, per the Reforms of 1999, from the “0” class kindergarten (Polish przedszkole, literally pre-school) and at the age of seven, for the 1st grade of primary school (Polish szkoÅ‚a podstawowa). Compulsory education lasts nine years. An important diet they have in Poland is meat. Pork is the most popular meat, and the most commonly eaten meat dish is a fried, breaded pork cutlet served with thick sauce. Beef, ham, and sausage are also eaten regularly. The meat stew called bigos is often called the national dish of Poland. Poland and the USA are two different worlds entirely. The USA is sunny and positive and casual. Poland is cold, dark and romantic. There is an ancient feel in Poland, something almost mystical.

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Even Though Poland has many interesting facts, it ranks  the ninth country in Europe.  Ever since 1989 the Americans and the Polish are pretty strong allies they are both part of both NATO and the European Union. We learned that Poland was invaded by the Germans in World War II. Also 90% of Poles have completed at least secondary education. An interesting fact we found is that Poles eat pizza with ketchup and watching Home Alone is a Christmas tradition.


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