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Communication Processing In Modern Times Cultural Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 1448 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Nowadays, communication is become more important as it is used not only in business purpose, but also used widely in our daily life such as usual conversation or studies. While in hospitality and tourism industry, communication not only is use between customer and staff, but also use within the staffs in the organization. Besides that, communication also can be used to train staff in the hotel. If the communication did not go well in both conditions that are stated above, problems will occur and will also cause inconvenience to the hotel. This might bring up the problem of customer complain or mistake occurring when the operation of the hotel is going on. The definition of communication can be defined as transmitting information or exchanging message between two or more person. The communication process can be done by using the method of performing word, tone of voice or body language from one to another person. If without communication, other people might don’t know what the person want or what the person want to say. So, it is important that a good communication process is carrying out when there is communication going on.

1.2 The communication process

In a successful communication, it is very important that the sender send a clear message to the person he want to tell to. This will make the receiver get the message accurately and understanding it on the spot. Below is the figure of the process of communication that has been carrying out.

In figure 1, it shows that the flow of a successful communication process. The communication process has involved two parties which are the sender and also the receiver, the message that is used, and also the type of how to transfer the messages. Besides that, the message that is send by the sender first are usually influenced by the sender”s personality which is the background of the sender, the sender education, and also attitude toward the receiver and so on.

1. Think meaning of message

In the first element of the communication, it is focus on the sender part which the sender has something to tell other people about the idea or information that came out from his mind. The inspiration of the message that the sender want to tell might come from daily life, education, memories or task that had been given. Not only that, the sender also need to express the message clearly, directly and make it as simple as possible in order to let the receiver clear about the message. After that, the sender will choose the person whom he wants to tell to.

2. Express meaning in word, symbol

In the second element, it is about the sender will express the message that they want to tell to the receiver through word, symbol, tone of voice, or body language. Besides that, there is few form of communication that the sender can use which is through verbal, nonverbal, written, representative visual and representative aural.

3. Transmits message (tell or write/send)

In the third element, it is also the sender part that he will transmit the message to the people that he wanted to tell to. This can be done by transmit the message through telling the receiver the message, write the message out to the receiver, or send the message through e-mail to the receiver. While for the most important is, the message sent by the sender must be clear and easy to be understand by others.

4. Receive message (hear or read)

In this element, this is the receiver part to receive the message that sent by the sender. The receiver will receive the message by hearing when the sender is telling the message. Besides that, the receiver also can receive the message by reading after the sender wrote down the message.

5. Translate word, symbols

In the fifth element, it is still the receiver part that he or she will translate the word or the symbol that is sent by the sender into the way that the receiver understands. If the receiver doesn”t understand what the sender is telling, it means that the communication process is not successful. So, when the sender is sending the message, he or she must make sure that the message that is sent is clear and direct on the spot.

6. Understanding and accept meaning

In the last element, the task of the receiver is to understand and accept the meaning that the sender had sent to him or her. After the receiver had understood the message sent by the sender, the communication process will proceed to the first element again. If the communications fail, the process has to start over again. So, it is important that the sender send a message that is clear and easy to be understood by the receiver.

1.3 Form of communication use in hospitality industry

For nowadays, communication can be divided into many forms that we usually will use in daily life such as verbal communication, nonverbal communication, written communication, representative visual and representative aural. While for hospitality industry, it also includes all of this form of communication when facing either with customer or the staff in the organization.

First of all in hospitality industry, verbal form is the most common form of communication that is use when facing with guest and staff in the hotel. The definition of verbal communication means when the sender talk to the receiver, the sender will directly speak to the receiver by face to face or by through telephone. For example, the front office staff will communicate with the customer by face to face when the customer check in to the hotel. Besides that, verbal communication also occur when the customer call up to the front office staff to make a reservation in the hotel.

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While for nonverbal form of communication, it is also widely used in hospitality industry. The meaning of nonverbal communication means the message is send through two groups which is directly and indirectly. Directly nonverbal communication means the message is send through sign or similar gesturing while indirectly nonverbal communication means that the message is send through expression, physical attitude and so on. For example, the sign board that is used to warn the customer about the wet floor is an example of directly nonverbal communication. When the staff of the hotel saws a customer passing by and smiles to the customer, it is also a type of communication which is indirectly nonverbal communication as the action of smiling to the guest is the meaning of welcome.

While for written form of communication, it also can be founded in hospitality industry. Written form of communication means that the messages are send through letters, notes, instruction, and book, manual and so on. For example, when a customer leaves a note on the room table for the staff in the hotel, this shows that a written communication has happen.

Apart from that, the usage of representative visual also can be found in the hospitality industry. Representative visual means that the message is send through by painting, poster, or advertising display. For example, many hotels will advertise their hotel through newspaper as many people are reading it. This not only can communicate with other people, but also can reach the promotional purpose. It will also attract more people to come into the hotel.

At last, hospitality industry also using representative aural as one of their communication process, the definition of representative aural can be say as the message is shown by musical form, promotional jingle and so on. For example, some hotel will use radio as one of their communication method. Some of the hotel will advertise their hotel when there is some event going on.

1.4 Conclusion

In conclusion, communication has plays an important role in many business industry. Not only in daily life, but also in hospitality industries where it is the skill that used the most and there are many communications happen from time to time such as talking with the customer, greet to the customer. A good communication process have to be carried out successfully in order to make sure that the message is convey to the correct purpose and correct way. If not, mistake or problem might occur when things are going on. Not only that, misunderstanding also will occur and will cause arguing problem to happen. Conflict will also occur if the communication process did not success. So, it is necessary that make sure the communication is going on smoothly. Besides that, when sending a message, the message must be very clear and simple in order to make sure the message successfully send to the receiver.


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