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Sikh Culture and Community in New Zealand

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  • Davinder Kumar  

The title of my analytical report is Sikhism. It related with the whole Punjabi’s people which lives in the New Zealand. Sikhism community provides some basic needs of Punjabi community like social help, health related help and employment services.

The main purpose of my analytical report is making our community better and make some changes in our community, create new plans which is more helpful to our Sikhism community. With the help of this report we try to find out some problems which related to health, economic, social and culture, education of Punjabi’s. Also, find the good solutions for solve these types of problems. Because it’s all about the good development of our Punjabi community.

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I take some youngsters, old Punjabi people, children, other culture people’s whose interested within the Punjabi culture as an audience. After taking the audience our Sikhism community shared with the visions and values with them and told them about our community’s policies, government policies with all rules and regulation and asked the audience give us to your feedback about our Sikhism community. The scope of our analytical report is providing all kind help to all people who’s interested in Punjabi’s culture. Our main scopes are providing Punjabi languages classes for interested people, solving jobs problems for international students and solved the economic and social problems.

Sikhism planning some goals to achieve with this report:

  1. Give knowledge to Punjabi’s about Sikh culture.
  2. Making good relationship between New Zealand government and Punjabi’s with giving information about how to live in New Zealand, Follow the all rules and regulations etc.
  3. Leading the importance of Punjabi education and providing the best skills to our Punjabi people. The Punjabi people will be able to benefit support services such as fitness programs, music classes and health clinic.
  4. We want to involve youth membership for knowing about how to get in touch with our Punjabi community and how we provide social and economic services to find their purpose in life.

Information to collect

Methods intended to use


Via email and phone

Information related to organisation






Public opinion


According to my collected information and the method intended to use for collecting the information. The all information related with my organization. I have search a lot how we can provide better services to people and impact of the influences on the internet and external influence. I am also getting information about the Punjabi’s social, economic, health and culture. This information is collected from the Sikhism’s website and some information get from another internet websites.

Sikhism makes a plan with the help of the analytical report for solving the big problems which related with Punjabi’s education, culture, economic, social and health factors. Sikhism community wants to leading and following the all rules and regulation which made by New Zealand government, it will help to manage the good relationship between government and Punjabi’s. we are also wants to provide a good education to our Punjabi people, as well as opportunities, after getting the better education they will know about the Punjabi’s history and after getting the opportunities the Punjabi’s will be able to get health facilities, also social and economic facilities.

The first Sikhism community developed in year 1964 in New Zealand, in Hamilton. Then the second community developed in Otahuhu in 1986. This report shows about some problems facing by the Punjabi peoples related with the social, economic, health, study, occupation and culturally and some demonstrates how some Punjabi business can be placed through our services. needs of Punjabi community. Nowadays, our company is also considered as a role model for other companies. Our company also provide shelter to the homeless people. Our main aim is to fulfill the basic needs of Punjabi community. Because from recent years we have seen many skills and interest. To explore their skills our company is doing many efforts we are providing many facilities to them for example education like Sikhism community is providing the Punjabi languages classes to those people who interested to learn Punjabi language. On the other hand, Sikhism community provide jobs for Punjabi people who live in the New Zealand. The Sikhism community available in the all Sikh temples which is in the New Zealand. So, every person can have connected with the Sikhism community easily.

Sikhism community is one of the best community for Punjabi people. Our community serve the people by providing them free food and shelter. Our company also arrange many camps and welfare programs to solve their problems our company not only solve the problem of Sikh people we also welcome every people from any religion. Our company provide all information to people related to health, culture, social and economic. We also conduct many surveys to know the roots of problem which they are facing. Our staff also help the people to get job they train them. Everyone can ask freely their problems to the Sikhism community’s people and they will help to solve the problem. Sikhism provides the free food for all people at the Sikh temples and at any time people can go to Sikh temples and eat food. There are many people in New Zealand who cannot buy food for them self so they can go to Sikh temples for eating food. There are many community partners who help for running the community services with money and other useful things. Sikhism community collaboration with many community partners, shares a vision, history, roots of Punjabi culture and interaction of values and protocols in Punjabi culture. We have many Punjabi’s family who work in our community and there are many other people like kiwi’s, Fiji Indians and from another religion.

In this report, we find some issues and problems of Punjabi people regarding with the health, economic, culture and jobs. We also find those people who interested for learning the Punjabi language.

In this modern era, New Zealand is developing fast day by day with the technology and other different methods. So, there are many changes occurring in the life style of Punjabis according to their regular basics needs related to the Punjabi culture, health, social and economic issues and education also. As we find some other problems like some Punjabi people are very poor they cannot manage their children’ school fees with their salary. So, we provide a free education for those children.

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Some Punjabi people are week from their economically condition, while some have a not job for earning money for buy their daily basics needs. They were struggling due to the school fees are very expensive and their income is very low. So, how they can afford the medical and educational cots including cost of the daily food and travelling. We also find out there are not whole Punjabi people stuck in these type of problems, but there are many homeless Punjabi’s in the Auckland. So, Sikhism community provide the residence for those homeless people in the Sikh temple and food as well. Our community arrange meetings every week for discuss about how to helps the poor and homeless people. Sikhism community also provide jobs for jobless people in this way those people can afford school fees for their children, money for buy daily basics. Punjabi people can get some social helps from our company to make their economically strong. We planning for making the new site for people where they can meet Sikhism community members and they share their every problem with the members and experience. Also, making some health center for those people.

There is some external factor which effects form outside the organization and our Sikhism community work according with these external factors-

Rules and regulationOur community members work according to the company rules and regulation and also follow the rule and regulation which is set by the New Zealand government. We didn’t share with anyone the people’s personal information and problems.

Public opinion- firstly, we taking public opinion then we discuss about those ideas and at the end we will take set regarding their problems.

Technology- we have a good and updated technology which help to keeps the all records about the people and we also provide new technology to those children which are learning in Sikhism community.

Sikhism community work according some internal factors-

Employees Strength: The employees are very important part for every company. If employee are goods in one company so the company running good and better otherwise if the members are bad so those company can’t growth properly.

Financial System: Financial system is also important in every community if any community have good financial supporter they will give good services to the people. And Sikhism community have a many Punjabi financial supporters which gives the money for running the community.

At the end, In my opinion say Punjabi’s have many problems related to the social, economic, homeless and education. Sikhism community provide good services for these people it is good. They provide lots of the services like education, health clinic, homes, foods and jobs also. The good thing is every people can go to the Sikh temple and get these facilities.

I want to suggest some things like Sikhism community should make more good relationship with the New Zealand government to getting the economic help for running the community and in this way the government can understand the all Punjabi people’s problems. They should more better services and training to their staff members for solving the other people problems easily and in better way.

They should share the all reports with their staff members and with those people who give financial support to the community in the meeting because in this way the community system running better.

Sikhism community should also keep ready to solve every problem and get up to date with new technology.





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