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Resource Sharing Platform for Collaborative Cloud Computing

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Harmonious resource sharing platform for collaborative cloud computing System Design


The system design is the architecture definition process, components, modules, interfaces and data to a system to meet the specified requirements. The system design could be considered the application of systems theory to product development .

4.1 Functional Design

Utilitarian outline is utilized to streamline the configuration of equipment gadgets and programming useful configuration guarantees that every particular component of a gadget has an obligation and do this obligation with insignificant reactions somewhere else. The maps of useful configuration forms that make the state of necessity for how to outline details . Amid this phase of the undertaking structure characterized from an utilitarian perspective.

4.1.1 Modular Design

The particular, or ” seclusion in configuration ” is a methodology that the framework is separated into littler parts (modules or cushions ) that can be autonomously made and afterward utilized as a part of distinctive frameworks for various highlights. A secluded framework can be described by the accompanying highlights:

  • functional separation scalable and reusable individual modules consisting of solo, self contained functional elements.
  • rigorous use well-defined modular interfaces, including object -oriented description of the functionality of the module.
  • Easy to change to achieve transparency and technology to the extent possible, use industry standards for key interfaces

4.2 High Level Design

4.2.1 Data Flow Diagram

An information stream chart (DFD) is a graphical representation of the information “stream” by method for a data framework.

DFD can be additionally utilized for the information handling showcase (organized outline). In a DFD, information stream components from an outer information source or an inside information store to store interior or outside information sink information, through an inner procedure. A DFD does not give data on synchronization or administration procedure, or the procedure will work in grouping or in parallel.

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Subsequently, it is altogether different from a stream outline demonstrating the stream of control through a calculation that permits the peruser to figure out what operations will be attempted, in what request and under what circumstances, however this sort of information will be inputs and yields of the framework, or when the information go back and forth, or where the information is recorded (which are all shown in a DFD).


Level 0

Figure 4.1: DFD level 0

Figure 4.1 DFD level 0 explains that the data owner has to register before login and using the help of cloud details he can choose the highly reputed cloud service provider. The data owner after registering has to login with his account and select total memory and threshold memory. Select a file from the data store of the data owner and upload it to the cloud server. There are four different cloud providers to which files are uploaded.

The files are uploaded via trust manager in which he can check for blocked users and unblocked user and receive to and from data with cloud servers and data owner.

Figure 4.2: DFD level 1

Figure 4.2 DFD level 1 consists of four major nodes. End user request for a file . The request enters to cloud server through trust manager. An attacker tries to modify the file which is present in cloud service provider.

4.2.2 Use-Case Diagram

A case in programming building and the utilization of frameworks designing is a depiction of the conduct of a framework as it reacts to an appeal from outside of this framework. As it were, an utilization case portrays “who” can do “what” the framework being referred to. The system of utilization cases is utilized to catch the execution prerequisites of a framework itemizing the situation managed by useful necessities dialogs.

Utilization cases depict the collaboration between one or more on-screen characters (a performing artist who is the initiator of the communication can be assigned as “the main on-screen character” [29]) and the framework itself, spoke to as a succession of basic steps. The On-screen characters are something or somebody existing outside the framework (“black box”) in the study, and included in a progression of exercises in a dialog with the framework to accomplish an objective. The performing artists may be end clients, different frameworks or gadgets equipment. Every utilization case is a progression of occasions, depicted from the viewpoint of the law.

Figure 4.3: Use case diagram of client

Figure 4.4 The above use case diagram shows different properties of service provider, trust manager, Data owner and End user. Data Owner uploads file in the cloud server through trust manager and performs various actions. End user requests the file through trust manager. Attacker tries to modify the file which is present in cloud server.

4.3 Low-level Design

4.3.1 System Flowchart

Aflowchartis a type of diagram that represents analgorithm orprocess, showing the steps as boxes of various kinds, and their order by connecting these with arrows. This diagrammaticrepresentation [30] can give a step-by-step solution to a givenproblem. Process operations are represented in these boxes, and arrows connecting them represent flow of control.


Figure 4.4: Flow chart

Figure 4.6 Data owner checks the Reputation of the cloud and chooses the cloud according to that. At first he registers and later logins with his credentials. Buys memory and assigns threshold value to it. If the memory exceeds the threshold value it will intimate the Data Owner. Data owner uploads the file to cloud server through trust manager. files are stored in encripted format. Trust manager always check for MAC and secret key. If the MAC value changes ,it understands that files have been changed it intimates to the data owner.

4.3.2. Sequence Diagram

A grouping outline in Brought together Displaying Dialect (UML) is a sort of association chart that shows how procedures work with each other and in what request. It is a develop of a Message Grouping Outline [31]. Grouping graphs are now and then called Occasion follow outlines, occasion situations, and timing charts.

A succession graph is a correspondence chart that shows how procedures work with each other and in what request. It is a fabricate of a Message Grouping Diagram. A succession chart shows object associations orchestrated in time arrangement. It portrays the articles and classes included in the circumstances and the grouping of messages traded between the items alluring to do the usefulness of the situation. It demonstrates the relationship of articles taking into account a period succession and it indicates how the article connect with other question in a specific situation of the utilization case furthermore it demonstrates the grouping of back rubs that are traded, alongside their relating event details on the life lines.

Grouping graphs are traditionally connected with utilization case acknowledge in the Sensible Perspective of the framework under change. Arrangement charts are once in a while called occasion graphs, occasion situations.

A succession chart shows, as parallel vertical lines (life savers), distinctive procedures or items that live simultaneously, and, as level bolts, the messages traded between them, in the request in which they happen. This permits the determination of simple runtime situations in a graphical way.

An arrangement chart shows, as parallel vertical lines (“helps”), diverse procedures or items that live at the same time, and, as even bolts, the messages traded between them, in the request in which they happen. This permits the particular of basic runtime situations in a graphical way [32].


Figure 4.5: Sequence diagram

Figure 4.5 sequence diagram of the project explains how the data owner requests, accept and assigns the memory. It also tells how the end user requests the cloud server through trust manager. Trust manager maintains the list of blocked and unblocked user.

4.3.3 Class Diagram

Class diagrams outlines demonstrate the classes of the framework, their between connections, and the operations and characteristics of the classes. It investigates space ideas as an area model [33] and dissects necessities as a calculated/investigation model. It portrays the definite configuration of article situated or item based programming.

The class outline is the key building piece of article arranged demonstrating. It is utilized both for widespread theoretical demonstrating of the intelligent of the application, and for nitty gritty displaying make an interpretation of the models into programming code. Class graphs can likewise be utilized for information demonstrating. The classes in a class chart speak to both the fundamental articles, interchanges in the application and the classes to be modified.


Figure 4.6: Class diagram

Figure 4.6 Class diagram of the collaboration architecture gives the details of the data owner, trust manager, end user, attacker, admin and cloud server. Data owner sees the reputation in which he can choose the best cloud which are suitable for him to upload files. The server which is having lowest reputation will be chosen Later Data owner registers with the cloud server giving all his detail and logins with his credentials .Data owner chooses the vm and assigns threshold value to it . If the file size is greater than the threshold value it will intimate the data owner to buy vm from another cloud provider.

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Trust manager is the intermediate between cloud server, data owner and End user. All the request which data owner make and end user make are through trust manager. It is the collaborative element of all the service provider. When data owner uploads the file to server it will be encrypted format. Trust manager maintains the MAC value and secret key of every file.

End user in public cloud is not bothered about security. Here in this project automated password is generated by trustmanager.Secret key is entered by the end-user so that integrity of the data is maintained.


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