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Purpose Of School Management System Computer Science Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Computer Science
Wordcount: 1220 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Computer technology is used to provide facilities to user to perform their jobs quickly and accurately. That is why computer is used in most organizations to maximize the efficiency and performance of the organization. The objectives of the latest technology are to speed up the system, to reduce the errors and to develop error free inputs, as invalid inputs are the main cause of computer mistakes and a computer never makes mistakes of its own.

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Every nation in the world want to develop the technological excellence to reduce problems and store its progress in the record, so we as developing nation should realize this trend and should need to adopt this high speed technology. Computer technology is not used only in science and arts, but it is also applied in all sorts of data processing activities.

1.1 Purpose of School Management System (SMS):

Now these days computer play very important role in any formal organization, because computer works faster and accurate than human. The purpose of developing the SMS system of any organization is that to make easy to management to store a large number of data/reports into the computer. It is difficult for any management to store the large number of data manually or in papers. In that case when any user wants to take information it is very difficult for management to provide information immediately. It is very time consuming process. But by using computer it takes only few minutes/seconds.

1.2 Perspective of School Management System (SMS):

This product is being produced for an educational institute FG public school to maintain it records. This software is basically for the use of administrator of management of this institute they will use it for storing the records and retrieve the information for the users. It is new computerized project of this institute, before this they works manually.

1.3 Scope of School Management System (SMS):

SMS is intended to help the any institute that wants to store their students and management records into the computer. Our software is specially designed for an educational institute FG public school.

Our SMS software will fulfill all the requirement of FG public school. It will store all the personal and academic information of the students. It will also store the fee information of the students. Management will get information of any student who studied/studying in this institute till now easily. This software will also help the management to store their employee’s information including their personal information and salary information. Payroll system is very important of any organization .so this software will also handle the pay roll system of this institute. If will also store the results of the students.

1.3.1 Objectives:

Now these days computer play an important role in any organization because computer can easily manage the great number of data as compare to human. User can easily access data on right time in computer.

FG public school has been working for 17 years. This school has a great number of students. So it is difficult for the management to get information about this institute on right time. When computer system play in this institute it will make easy to manage and access data of this institute.

The School management system (SMS) based upon the following objectives:

(a) Record Keeping

The first objective of this system is to maintain the data of all the student and teacher in database. It maintains the personal record as well as the academic record of the student. It maintains student fee record and dues record. Teacher personal record and salary record are also store in the software. SMS also manage class record, subject record, examination record.

(b) Reports

Reports are the most important outputs of school management system (SMS). SMS create the following reports.

Total number of student in the class

Student admission reports

Character certificate of the student

Submitted Fee reports

Submitted due reports

Teacher Appointment Letter

Teacher Experience reports

Salary reports

Bonus reports

Examination report

Detail Marks Certificate

1.4 Operation on SMS

The school management system facilitates the user in following respects.

1.4.1 Data Entry

Entering the correct and reliable data to the proposed system is the most important factor. The proposed system will facilitate the user with user-friendly screen, which will help the users to enter the correct data to proposed system easily. Different checks have been applied in the program for the validity of data so that wrong information cannot be entered into the system easily.

1.4.2 Updating

Mistake in the entry process are possible to occur. These mistakes needed to be corrected at the right time so that the data remain correct.

Any mistake during the entry process can be corrected through this option.

1.4.3 Deletion

We can easily delete a particular record by requesting through entering the identity number or name of an item. The specified record is deleted from the database, which is not required anymore. This rarely occurs because most of the record are stored permanently, which may be referenced in later time.

1.4.4 Data Retrieval

The main purpose of data retrieval is to describe and explain ways and methods by means of which we get the required information from the system. The most imported operation in a system is the utilization or retrieval of the stored data. Different programs have been developed for this purpose. In these programs different queries are developed. These queries provide different facilities to the users. For example, if a user wants to retrieve the data of a particular product then he will be given different option for the searching criteria such either through Category or name for both Imported as well as local Supplies. The system will provide all the information about the speechified criteria similarly; a user will be given choice to print the resulted output.

1.5 Software quality attributes:

These are several quality attributes in our proposed system.

1.5.1 Correctness:

Our proposed system will fulfill all the requirement and objectives of the user. User will find correct result that who wants.

1.5.2 Efficiency:

The data retrieval and storage of data will be made efficient, for instance in previous system it took a considerable amount of time to retrieve information from the huge registers.

1.5.3 Flexibility:

The system will be capable of making changes end enhancements in accordance with the future needs of the managements.

1.5.4 Security:

Only authorized people can make the changing in the database. We will provide the login for the user.

1.5.5 Maintainability:

If any error occurred in the system then it will easily maintain.

1.5.6 Reliability:

Our purposed system will much reliable as compare to manual.

1.6.7 Reusability:

Our software is reusable for any other institute with some miner changing.


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