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Activation Cracks And Workarounds Windows Vista Computer Science Essay

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Wordcount: 1160 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Windows Vista enthusiasts and lovers already can download final RTM version gold release of Windows Vista from the Internet, way before the scheduled and target release date of Windows Vista to retail customer on early 2007. However, unless you have a hand on corporate volume license key (VLK), as Windows Vista is not yet officially goes on sale, so you won’t possible to purchase a license to get hold on a legal and genuine product key to activate and Windows Vista product activation (WPA) process to validate that the copy of Vista is genuine.

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In this situation, so in the situation that you’re having problem to successfully complete Windows Vista activation, or wish to bypass and skip the activation process, you can install Windows Vista in trial demo mode and extend the grace period for activation for longer usage when the activation expiry date closing by. If you want to get rid of evaluation copy watermark message, visit here. Else, users need to use some tricks and hacks to “activate” Windows Vista (or make Windows Vista to believe itself has been activated). Try the following cracks and hacks to properly install Windows Vista without activation or to crack Vista activation so that WPA can be bypassed, skipped or avoided. (both not tested, but should works)

Disconnect from Internet.

Restart the computer.

Set the computer date to 26 December 2006.

Exit and save the BIOS settings.


Disable automatically synchronize computer time with Internet time

Restart the computer.


Set back the time to current date and time in BIOS.

Save and exit the BIOS configuration menu.

Connect to the Internet.

Boot up to Windows Vista.

With the time changing trick, Windows Vista will stop countdown to the activation grace period timeout date. (no longer works, or only worked on RC build) There is similar method but use year 2099 which made famous by pirated Vista DVD.

Another crack or hack to activate Windows Vista is by replacing 2 files in Windows Vista Final RTM version with the same files from Windows Vista RC2 (only from build 5840, similar files from build 5744 or earlier won’t work), and then use Windows Vista product key or registration key released and distributed via CPP (Customer Preview Program) intended for Windows Vista betas and release candidate to activate Windows Vista RTM Build 6000. (it’s actually the same technique or method that used to install and activate pre-RTM Windows Vista such as build 5840).

Install Windows Vista Final by using default product key (no product key entered).

Download the crack Windows.Vista.FINAL.Crack.raVen.rar or Windows.Vista.RTM.Activation.Crack-iND.rar or Microsoft.Windows.Vista.RTM.PROPER.Activation.Crack-ReeBSaW or Windows.Vista.RTM.dEnoura.Crack.rar (all contains but packed by different crackers), and extract the compressed file.

Navigate to WindowsSystem32Licensingpkeyconfig’ folder.

Locate and right-click on ‘pkeyconfig.xrm-ms’ file.

Click on Properties, then open Security > Advanced > Owner > Edit, and click on Administrators.

Click OK and close the Properties window.

Right click again on ‘pkeyconfig.xrm-ms’ file, and select Properties to open Properties window.

Open Security > Advanced > Edit, then select Administrators and click Edit.

Click on “Full Control”, then click OK and close the file Properties.

Restart the computer and boot up in the Safe Mode.

Replace and overwrite ‘pkeyconfig.xrm-ms’ using the same file extracted from the downloaded package.

Go to Start -> Run (or press Windows + R keys) to start Run box.

Type in “services.msc” to launch Services (can also be launched from Control Panel).

Find and locate the “Software Licensing” service. If it’s running, press on Stop button to stop the service.

Navigate and browse to WindowsServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppData RoamingMicrosoftSoftwareLicensing


Overwrite and replace the tokens.dat with the same file from the extracted package. You may need to take ownership and full control of the file by following step 5 – 9.

Reboot and restart the computer, and bootup in normal mode.

Go to Start > Help & Support, and search for “Activate” by using search menu, then click on the third topic “Activate Windows on this Computer” to start Windows Activation. Alternatively go to Start and type in slui.exe into the Search Bar and press Enter to go to Windows Activation window.

Input any Windows Vista product key or registration key or CD key from RC1 or RC2 or Beta 1 or Beta 2 or any other released by Microsoft and leaked to Internet to activate the Windows Vista. If you don’t have any product key, sign up and register for Windows Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP) to receive a valid and legal product key. Or download the Windows.Vista.RTM.Activation.Crack-iND.rar which contains a RC product key in the archive.

Run the genuine and activated Vista.

There are also some hackers who combined the above 2 methods to stop the Windows Vista Product Activation countdown timer and then to activate Windows Vista by using cracked license files for RC1 and RC2.

Restart the PC and boot into BIOS.

Set the date to year 2099.

Create and format the partition or hard disk that will be used to fresh install new Windows Vista.

Next, install VISTA, do not enter any serial number so that user has 30-day window period for activation as trial demo that valid till 2099 instead of only working for 3 days due to illegal, ban, pirated, expired or not working and not genuine license key.

After install, follow the Vista WPA crack procedures as immediate above method to activate the Windows Vista so that it’s as if genuine and legal.

If you don’t have Internet connection, you can activate Windows Vista by phone.

There is now also a Windows Vista Activators AIO which packs most of the cracks (all of them using the same workaround actually) and product serial key into one single download package. Inside, there is Windows Vista Activator.exe which automatically apply the patch without the need for manual replacing process to crack and activate Vista.

Enjoy Windows Vista before Microsoft closes this pirate loophole via Windows/Microsoft Updates or Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation test, or the product key from RC or beta expired.

Update: The final truth has came, in the form of KB929391 Windows Vista Validation Tool update. Find ways to crack KB929391. There is permanent method to crack Vista activation.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purpose only.


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