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The Most Important Hrm Activities Fedex Commerce Essay

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Human resource management is mainly concerned with improvement of an organization through recruitment, selection, performance, training, job analysis etc. However strategic human resource management deals with recognizing the core strengths of corporation and matching those with the external prospects, it expresses the competitive advantage. Recent studies suggest that strategic HRM can play a pivot role in the firm performance. There is growing demand to change the HRM practices from functional to strategic as result of change in work and employment affairs ,globalization and new technological advancements.

FedEx one of the most prominent transportation corporations worldwide is known for its high quality services. Fedex during its 30 years’ time period have brought into many innovative HR polices.

Time efficient delivery and customer focused services are the important strategies of the company which distinguishes them for their competitors. The HR strategy of the organization focuses on creating a competent, committed and customer focused workforce.

FedEx makes certain the all type of grievances of the employee is look after. To provide temporary employees the chance to have a permanent job they have designed a development programme. Innovative HR policies aim at full employee satisfaction therefor FedEx was named as one of the most employee-friendly organization worldwide.

Complimenting FedEx for its HR policies, Work Force magazine wrote, “FedEx is an example of an organization that has created an effective HR strategy that supports productivity and profitability. The corporation’s philosophy is that employees should be doing the kind of work they want to do.”



Performance Management is a strategic method which guarantees that the set goals of an organization are met in an efficient and effective way. It is a complicated and broader view of the HR functions. It starts with the joining of a new employee and ends when employee leaves the job. It is a continues process which involves the regular communication, setting joint goals, progress review, improving performance by implementing development programs for the employees, feedback, and rewarding the employees.

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FedEx believes in two way communication between the employees and the management. The employees have the right to freely express their views and ideas about the policies of the management. The company has set up different communication programmes like Open Door Policy, SFA program and Guaranteed Fair Treatment Procedure which address and solve the grievances of the employees and also communicates about the major events being organized in the corporation.



Training management is an important part of the HMR functions where training is part and parcel of the whole process. As it is based on information and instructor -led they lead to anticipated and desired change in the behaviour of the staff and employees. The training provides the management team with the broad base of techniques, skills and leadership qualities.

Another important aspect of training is increasing the morale and teamwork. By undergoing training employees feel that the company believes in their skills and values them as the company invest in their development. This will increase their morale and give them positive leadership which will in turn increase the productivity of the company

FedEx has always believed that for a successful business training is a key factor. FedEx believes that only dedicated and motivated workforce through timely and effective training play an important role in achieving customer satisfaction. It treats its employees with respect and dignity and gives them the liberty to do their jobs and rewards them for a well done job.



Recruitment in HRM is the process of detection, development and inviting the right people to fill a vacant job vacancy. Selection is procedure of using information about a job applicant in order to decide who suitable candidate is to fill the advertised post. Within business recruitment can be internally from within the company or externally form outside.

People-Service-Profit is the core philosophy of the FedEx. It implies that by taking care of the people they deliver perfect services which are required by the consumers who will reward the by increasing the profitability which secures FedEx competitive advantage. FedEx regards its people as assets for the company and is fully dedicated to this principle. The corporation trusts that hard working and motivated employees provide essential services professionally which guarantee profitability and growth. The corporation selects regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality, disability or race.

http://www.onlinehr.co.nz/services/recruitment-and-selection assessed on 7th Dec 2012



There are four phases by which organization performance in an organization is checked and assessed by the board (Berger 2009).

In first stage annual plans are to be set, quality and quantity measurements are done, development programmes are set and the goals to achieve the abilities of a leaders are set.

In second part, analysis in the immediate follow up or a mid-year review is done to assess the observed performance.

Thirdly the managers and employees talk about their performances and surveys are carried out to assess the performances of all the staff.

In the fourth phase rewards are given and new goal are set for the future challenges.

FedEx places its people first because they say that it makes a good business sense. This uplifts the morale of the employees.


It is a field in HRM which is concerned with the activity which is directed at developing the qualities and performance of the employees and groups in organizational set up. Many organizations regard it as essential part of HRM. Globally increased emphasis is paid on training while many companies have started mandatory training courses for the employees per year.

Training is done to establish or improve the competency or skills of the current employees which in turn improve the productivity or performance. Training need to be a planned activity targeting certain aptitudes and conducted after a complete need analysis. It needs to be directed towards a learning outcome. The individual and company goals should be kept in mind while designing the training programme. The programmes for the training are usually prepared by the organization at the start of financial when the employees need for training are recognized, called ‘ training need analysis’ which is also a part of the appraisal process.

Training at FedEx is the most important occasion to meet the customer satisfaction requirement. FedEx promotes the policy of promotion from within the organization. For this FedEx arranges broad training for the employees and managers for leadership concept, and manager’s quality management.


Recruitment depends on the internal and external selection. Internal recruitment is the process of promotion of the competent employees and then to fill the gaps in the company recruits as the external process. The training improves the development activities in the company by providing the opportunities.

Recruitment starts with the advertisement of the job where media plays a n important role. Advertisement either can be through newspaper, or through the electronic media. After this comes the application process which is either on physical basis or on line form.

The next step after application is the interview and assessment of candidate which are already selected from the application and finally comes the decision making for the selection of candidate.

Fedex believes in promoting people from within the organization to higher posts.in management units. The employees from the non-managerial posts are encouraged to move up the managerial posts.


Recruitment Process



Until 70’s personal management was responsible for discovering the talented people and use to control them which as regarded as an administrative responsibility and used to control and manage the subordinates. The new concept of HRM is more of a strategic approach about the behaviour and nature of people.

The strategic fit or the hard variant of HRM

Fombrun et al.’s (1984) ‘Matching model’ emphasis the resource aspect of the HRM and says that its importance lies in well-organized application of human resources to

overcome organizational goals and objectives. This shows that human resource like any other resources of a company should be achieved cheaply, utilized cautiously and recognised and oppressed as fully as possible. Is model for a number of reasons has been criticised. It completely overlooks the employee’s interest and highlights a ‘tight fit’ between HR strategies and organisational strategy. The idea of ‘tight fit’ makes the company unfit, strict and incapable of adjusting to today’s vibrant business environment.

The matching model also misses the ‘human’ aspect of human resources and has been called a ‘hard’ model of HRM (Guest, 1987; Storey, 1992; Legge, 1995). Despite the many criticisms, however, the matching model deserves credit for providing an initial framework for subsequent theory development in the field of strategic HRM.

The Michigan Model (1982) Source: http://www.reply-mc.com/2008/03/20/hr-blues/

The soft variant of HRM

Another analytical model is ‘Harvard model’ which is based on the view that if the managers develop a viewpoint of how they wish their employees involved and developed by the enterprise than some of personal management criticism can be overcome. This model is also called the ‘soft model ‘(Storey, 1992; Legge, 1995; Truss et al., 1997) as it lays the importance on the ‘human aspect of HRM and pay more emphasis on the employer-employee relationship. It shows the interest of the stakeholders in the organization and how it can be related to management objectives.

The four polices covered by this model are:

Employee Influence

Work System

Human resource flows

Reward System

There are number of tasks which need to be covered by the managers in these four polices. The outcomes of these four policies which need to be achieved are competence, commitment and cost effectiveness. The aim is to attain social as well as individual well-being and achieve administrative effectiveness.

The matching model and the Harvard analytical framework represent two very different emphases, the former being closer to the strategic management literature, the latter to the human relations tradition



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