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Importance of Vision and Mission Statement

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The vision of any organization at some future time shows very small image of any organization. Normally it is make or set for the organization, that what is the organization plans for future or upcoming, basically the purpose of vision to find something.

Mission statement shows the exact purpose of the organization. This statement is primary objective of the organization to show the plans, aims and programs of the company. A mission statement is bit different from the vision statement.

Values are the basically principles of thoughts which help us to understand and predict an individual or group level actions. Normally values of any organization define and describe the nature as well as stand for the organization, to operate the organization it establishes, ”the rule of conduct” it describes the organization values in a very authentic images that how you will easily apply on a running organization.

”According to Weyerhaeuser what a vision statement means in the introduction to the company’s statement, ”our vision” and ”our values.”

An organization vision statement present the upcoming or future desire which is valid and it should must be go on and never ever should be change with each cycle of an organization.

”According to Meridian Bancorp our vision is meridian’s statement of core values that defines the company’s culture and the meridian way of working.”

“According to Stephen Covey if you don’t set your goals based upon your Mission Statement, you may be climbing the ladder of success only to realize, when you get to the top, you’re on the wrong building”

A clear mission statement also focus on what are the advantages which is you are offering to your patrons as well as consumers it also tells you exact purpose of your organization.

Benefits/Importance Of Vision & Mission Statement

A good mission statement is like a born of success for the organization. It is very for the companies to find out the ways and also do the regular confirmation whether company or organization is on the right way or not.

A purpose of a clear mission statement to an organization to align the people as well as merge all the individual’s activities in to the group. It also tells to the organization employee whether they are doing work is important or worthwhile. A clear statement describes the importance of work to the organization. It can change the thinking for the improvement of the organization and give the ancillary customer services to their customers. Mission has the value that it gives the change in any organization from time to time.

Normally mission statement of any organization describes the primary objectives as well as purposes. The primary function of this statement in the company is internal to evaluate the business key and company success as well as stockholders and team of leader.

The purpose of vision statement to define the company purpose, this statement do not measure the bottom line of the company but vision statement measures the values of the company as well as values tells to the company leaders how things should be done. This statement is also communicates the aims and values of the company. Vision statement gives direction to the employees that how they can provide their best and ancillary the customers

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Vision and mission statement helps to the company where company wants to go, these statement very helpful to focus that what is done and what should be done. Mission and vision statement gives high energy to the company for attain or set the goals, these statements requires a lot of time to write, through mission and vision statement you can easily achieve the values.

A mission statement without vision statement is like nothing. Basically a mission statement defines the proper aim and activities of the company which is very important for its vision. The aims of both statements are to address and achieve the important and major goals of the company or organization. It is very hard without vision and mission statement for any company to achieve their goals or aims. So these statements are the born of the companies.

Another important benefit of the mission and vision statement also helpful to visible companies strategic plans, these statement have all the vital mechanism for the future propel of any company. Both statements are very helpful for guiding and communicate in the company or organization.

Mission & Vision Statements Communication & Adoption By The Staff

  • The executive of any company visibly defines the mission statement to all the staff.
  • The seniority leaders of any company defines the vision statement which is properly based on market review, satisfactions of consumer as well evaluate the capabilities of the company.,/
  • The vision of the company is very simple, little and comprehensive to all employees of the company.
  • The vision and mission statement undoubtedly and simply communicates to all employees about their jobs and performance.
  • Mission and vision statement is very helpful and guide to all employees to achieve the goals.
  • When the senior leaders of the company change these statements they also tell to their employees how to achieve the goals and ancillary of customers.
  • Many companies have different channels to communicate to the employees and through these channels they dedicate company vision and mission to their employees.
  • In some circumstances vision and mission statement also communicate between employees and chief executive officers.
  • These statements are also very helpful to improve the staff performance as well as give training to the staff.
  • Many companies call the meeting to the all employees and tell about the vision and mission statement.
  • Staff through vision and mission statement can easily understand their job and better perform.
  • These statements is also obliging to the promotion of the staff

Basically vision and mission statements ancillary the staff, improve the work, and very helpful for staff.

Implementation Of Vision & Mission Statement On Different Programs

Corporate Strategy

The corporate strategy starts through vision and Mission statement can b accessed by culture, core values and its core values on which it competes.

Mission statement tells where stands of the corporation in present, and the purpose of vision statement is it shows where will be the corporation in future. Mission statement describes us that what we want to do as well as who we are?

It states about the capabilities, future targeted customers and future line up. Long term decisions are described in strategic visions. It tells about the corporation future planning’s i.e. the technology prospect and targeted location. To depart yours self from competitors, mission and strategies plays a crucial role and defines its mission for the future.

Strategic & Investment Plans

It is accepted worldwide vision and mission statement are very effective and vital for the strategic planning of any company.

The strategic plans and mission statement of the company to check and determine about the unity themes and also improved the response which come from customers and shared vision, and pass this information to the company executives are responsible to implement this vision for achieving their goals. This is very helpful to the company strategic vision and investment to promote the value of the company or business. The another advantage of this is very suitable for the decision making of the company purchase as well as this exercise you can easily implement on the new management of the company. This exercise also ancillary the new management and gives them to time as well as good opportunity to understand the investment values and about the cost saving. This will help to evaluate the company effectiveness and efficiency. Vision and mission statements state the company or business how you invest and after invest what you will get. Basically these statement is also very help to create the plans of investment and strategy of the company. The company can achieve the goals and aims with the investment. These statements are the born of every plan’s. Such kinds of statements give you core ideas and the purpose of your business and company.

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Tesco Example

Now a day Tesco is going to develop economically new towns in the United Kingdom. So the vision of Tesco in investment and strategic plan is to generate new supermarkets, new housing, cycle tracks, visitor centre etc, with the help of this vision Tesco can easily achieve their goals and aims, which will increase the Tesco profit, so vision is very helpful for investment planning and strategic planning as we saw in the Tesco vision.

Constant Change

The constant change is not occurs in vision and mission statement for many years. It changes in such circumstances when significant change seem is essential. The new vision and mission statements design the company executives. If you are thinking to change vision and mission statement of your company first you should have to change your planning because vision and mission statement varies or relies on your company planning.

The vision and mission statement arises in the meeting of management when they are discussing about the strategic planning of the company. Such sort of statements shows the whole position of the company and where the heading of the company. Vision and mission statements also describe company matters and what company is acting as a control centre as well as what do not do the company. Mission and vision of the company constantly focuses for all the managers as well as it shows the direction and hold or maintain when in some circumstances the individual objective are changed. So constant change in vision and mission statement is bit tuff.

Example Constant Change In British Airways

In 1997 British Airways launched a new mission statement after a brief discussion with the employees, the management of British airways replaced an existing mission statement, existing statement which is introduced in 1995 to accumulate privatization. Many employees of the company were train and doing their exact jobs. The new mission statement of British air ways quote its basic challenge which the company is facing. They added its new mission statement given below.

  • Ancillary of customers.
  • Consumers desires.
  • The climate of global economic.
  • Competition challenge.

Basically we shall say it is the change of mission, strategic plans and vision. The purpose is to make a plat form which lead for the future of the company.

The merger of vision and mission statement is very important for those large companies in which staff and managers have right to make decisions themselves, without any permission from seniority management or headquarter of the company. If every member of the staff knows what and where is the purpose of our company, therefore company can easily achieve the goals and objectives.

These statements help creating the aims, goals, and target as well as very important to constrain company short term plans and set the budgetary trade off to gain the company long terms goals.


As the above discussion of vision and mission statement, I conclude that vision and mission statement is very essential for the companies, without vision and mission statement companies have not the goals if there is no goal, how companies can be survive or formulate. As we saw vision and mission statement is a born of every planning and strategy of the companies. These statements also motivate the staff and guide them about their jobs. However we can say that vision and mission statement are the base of the companies. Such kind of statements is very important and very helpful to evaluate the companies or organizational values. However we can judge that without mission and vision statement companies are like flat or prone.

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