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Corporative Strategy for Sport Organization

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The main idea has been selected as the topic for which we chose will apply to organizing sport events of general interest sports organizations as well as from the actual participants in the realization. Within the topic we describe what is in general corporate security one sports organizations and concrete application. We describe event in the area general sports, preparation for the information Logistics Task Force security system that will be used in the event. We will show corporate security strategy, defining a strategy organizational politics which in comperation with the Security sport manifestation. Under a strategy set risk assessment, the methodology of placing information technologies wit examples current protective tools information systems and technology sports organizations as well as personal and physical protection


Organizing sport events, the information system, the strategy risk assessment, technology sports organization.


A consistent and effective approach to unaffordable management risks and threats that affect the performance sports organizations is necessary. In order to achieve such an approach, sports organization which involves in organizing sports competition must:

  • At a disposal with skilled and trained managers who support development, implementation and continuous use of court measures within sports organizations as well as the competitions.
  • Provide expertise and skills needed for the development and maintenance a comprehensive, effective, efficient and high quality competitive program with emphasis on security and implementation of security measures.
  • Implementing a program in the whole security sports organization in all areas.
  • Verify integrity and appropriate use carried out by security measures.
  • Provide continuous monitoring security system, as well as the corporate, operational and electronic, then to monitor consulting services, through monitoring activities electronic threats and program all segments of the security;
  • Provide continued, operational and consulting services in preventive security measures athletes;
  • Establish an efficient, effective network people who work with sector players club and is security, with the aim to quickly collect and spread information on the possible risk for the organization competitions, on the level of the entire organization and through private service providers services.
  • Whenever the need: for example the information on lays down local threats and the spread of instructions on implementing security measures for the direct elimination or reduction impact caused threats to possible part organizational competition;
  • Is conducting regular checks and analyzes the very process of security management and an assessment of the use information technology, in order to provide for and to further an efficient control system competition itself.

In this stage number, groups and individuals within the organization who are involved in the process of drafting program is limited. In addition top management sports and club organization, includes the corporate security organization that is the security sports organizations and very basic activity and the only responsibility. For the majority, security is only a small part of responsibility in their programs


  • All the parts sports organizations and individuals were identified.
  • Private service providers services (external partners who deal with information technologies)
  • Management sports organizations, corporate security sector, independent experts and certain specialized consulting house, which is a recommendation international organizations and institutions in such cases a high organization sports competition.


Organizations must ensure that there is a clear expectations athletes in terms of their safety and security informations themselves on them, property organization, and the actual business organization before competition. Such expectations is being provided by defining Minimum sets learning outcomes for which they are responsible, as well as description and their role and responsibilities. Only then can we expect that it will all within sports organizations will be responsible for understanding what needs to be done in order to protect data and property organization. Responsibility for the protection information and property must be explicit in all Levels in the organization. Such responsibility is necessary in order to secure appropriate data security within the framework of the organization, and the safety of the communication with other organizations and the private service providers with which the data share.

Executive Management sports organization must be approved by corporate security policy management which will be athletes competed in organized competition. He provides basic principles, and minimum reserve requirements and responsibilities for the protection athletes, audience, delegates, all the other people, property and information. The Founding Committee led by executive directors is responsible for the implementation security policy As well as all the other policies that affect the entire organization sports event. Operational policies and procedures should enable the implementation security policy, and define procedures, in order to ensure that they are consistently, its interpretation and implementation at the technical level. All the employees in the sports organization including themselves athletes Technical level. All the employees in the sports organization including themselves athletes the ones who are taking the part in sports competition are obliged to follow operational policies and procedures, which requires sports organization.

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Human factor is the cause of more than 75% security incidents. A large majority of these incidents occurred by accident, because the employees are not aware of consequences their (usually not dangerous) action. That is why it is very important that everyone understands what they are by reference threats to property and complete business and how to properly act to reduce risks Interviewers those threats. Also, each employee must be fully aware her/his role in the protection system when managing people, information, and property. Other organizations with which the electronic communicate with, and our external ISPS services also need to be fully aware that their role in terms of security, information and resources. The most important thing of all, is that the senior management Sports organizations must understand threats, risks, and implement security measures, and to meet its obligations according to the adopted corporate programs for security. EXPLICIT Appeals action management in this area will show a complete staff, Partners and service providers to the sports organization dedicated to protecting their people, information and resources.

To raise awareness on security through sports organization is necessary applied communication Program, which will provide employees understanding needs for implementation of best practices for security, and to inform them about their roles and responsibilities in developing an effective security system.

The Program communication is composed of one-time and continuing activities for everyone in the organization, as well as for the special groups which lead, co-ordinate or implement measures for security within the organization. Education and Training on the specific security measures, such as a precondition for the successful implementation of measures.


All sectors within sports organizations must be familiar with all threats and risks that may occur in their domain. When the known threats and risks, sports organization is in a position to prepare a plan to provide security, and additional measures for the prevention, combating and reducing the risk in its environment threat and risk assessment Form The basis for all programs security and must be a constituent component every new business applications. After defining the risk, sports organization creates special programs and projects which are eliminated existing and potential threats and risks.

Evaluation of threats and risks, and its own methodology should be developed and made available to all managers sports organizations who participate in scrutiny by analyse potential threats and risks, in order to see the full potential certain threats.


  • Evaluation threats in the environment;
  • Assessment measures for security that are already implemented;
  • an analysis of the present gap between identified threats and existing measures for security;
  • Identification activities and changes that are necessary in order to eliminate the existing gap.


Sports organizations must ensure that all employees and other persons have an explicit and clear picture, and mutual understanding of sensitivity and security which is necessary for all the information on the organization that the exchange, sharing, or are assigned to the care and custody third party. To ensure public visible proof that the organization has taken steps to protect confidentiality / sensitivity information.

In addition, the goal is, and to protect you from potential obligations that may arise if:

  • Not an appropriate way to inform other parties, the public, or sports organizations, agencies, government and private sector service providers, the sensitivity information, or we did not ensure safety information, which we have sent them.
  • Do not adequately protect information that we are getting from other parties;
  • does not protect information that create and govern ourselves in the name of sports organizations.

Information for the classification system is used for defining sensitivity information, in order to award the appropriate level of protection to information and communication for special measures handling information proportion with their sensitivity and information as well as property values. Measurement requires that the scheme of classification defines which is based on

Level “injury or damage” by certain information may cause the business enterprises, third persons, individuals, or any other organization which provides information company, and which is the need of protection.


Information technology, systems and processes, as well as information to be transmitted, or stored in these systems and processes must be protected.

In the past five years, the threat of digital assets sports organizations have increased – in number, scope and sophistication. In particular, the growing number of malicious attacks by external entities.


  • Intrusion Detection System to detect attacks on the outside walls (external defense). Web filtering software to manage the receipt clearly inappropriate or unwanted material on the Internet.
  • Software for tracking misuse and abuse equipment, such as downloading and / or dissemination of inappropriate material.
  • Methodology for determining whether the security architecture is adequate to prevent attacks by security standards.
  • Virus detection/protection and removal software audit software

In addition, the use of new technology for authentication and identification in order to enhance safety where potrebno.Taking that in mind that information technology and the business environment changed over the years, so too do the threats and risks it is exposed to an information system tehnologija.The development of Safety of information technology and measures to support the protection infrastructure is therefore a continuous process.


Security is trust – trust between sports organizations and their employees, athletes, active athletes or recreational property and information technology. When we talk about employees, sporting organizations must know enough about the integrity of their employees before deciding to provide sensitive and valuable information, assets and liabilities. There is a need to ensure to the greatest extent possible, that employees who give confidential information, and managerial and other positions within sports organizations, people trusted, reliable and responsible. responsible. Checking staff consists of a predetermined set of measures for scanning providing insight into the background and behavior of the individual. Checking staff includes verification of employees may have at certain positions in sports organizations or in some private service providers (for example, staff provide computer maintenance). rules and procedures for the security check staff have a direct relationship with their level of responsibility and a system for classifying Information which is necessary to access to carry out their normal functions. Inspection is carried out gradually and is associated with other aspects of the implementation of the Strategy for Security, such as raising awareness of employees and safety of information technology.

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Physical security as a component of the Security Strategy focuses on policies, procedures, and tools to prevent unauthorized access to equipment, installations and facilities that directly or indirectly protect the company or sensitive information and information tehnologije.The forms which are taken to be the overall capital sports organizations are adequately secured, also based on the results of the assessment of risks and threats.

From the perspective of physical security, there are a significant number of factors, including threats by mail to the mail address, direct threats to mobile communications, direct threats to the organization’s staff sport result. There are other forms treats, random, such as fire, power failure or interruption, the destruction of an application during sporting events. The threat of planting various types of explosive devices, expansion pandemic, HIV injured athletes who did not give adequate medical certificate also poses a particular challenge for the organization of sports events relating to the loss of key personnel. Finally, in today’s world, we must also take into account the threat of terrorism, theft, vandalism and sabotage, and corporate or industrial espionage in the sport event due to the presence of numerous delegations and celebrities.


This paper has shown the necessity of preparing the corporate security strategy sports organizations with an emphasis on information technologies that are used for protection. We then noted that the clear expectations of athletes in terms of their safety, security themselves informations about them, the property of the business on the organization of the competition. Then we review the responsibility for the protection of information and a order to ensure proper data security within the organization, and security in communication with other organizations and private service providers to whom the data is delevered. Security trust – trust between sports organizations and their employees, athletes, active athletes or recreational property and information technology.

Finally, in today’s world, we must also take into account the risk of assets in the organization with the example of what the responsibility is necessary to terrorism, theft, vandalism and sabotage, and corporate or industrial espionage in the sport event due to the presence of numerous delegations and celebrities. It’s all part of the strategy providing sports events which must be held to the highest level with the security in the context of all relevant structures.


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