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Organisational Culture and Values at Nokia

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Organisation culture

Nokia is the leading mobile company all over the world which started their operation in the early 1980s. The values of Nokia are customer satisfaction, respect for individuals, achievement and continuous learning. Customer satisfaction means how satisfaction is the customer with the effort of organisation in the marketplace. Nokia has their dedicated sales and marketing personnel’s with logistic and sourcing functions. Keeping in mind that, what will best suit the customers and what are their needs, Nokia randomly responding to the customers and making things according to their customers’ choice.

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Respect for individuals means to give attention to each and every individual for their opinion. Nokia gives opportunities for personal growth. Nokia encourage new strategy to change the global market. They also emphasise on constant attention to the objectives. Continuous learning means Nokia always encourage improving the perfections. Nokia encourage developing mobile with affordable cost and also which can help increasing economic growth along with quality of life.

Nokia support constant innovation on human technology to improve communication and finding the new ways of interchanging information. Nokia provides opportunity to grow personally, give confidence to come with new ideas and creation, motivates high quality people to serve the best customer service.

Organisational and national culture

National culture related to our values held in our deep such as good vs. evil, normal vs. abnormal, rational vs. irrational and safe v. dangerous. National culture learned very early stage of life and held deep insight every human being and changed very slowly over the period of time.

On the other hand, organisational culture is brought from the practical experiences from the organisation and learned from the organisational job. To change organisational culture is difficult and it takes time. It is very difficult to coup up when two or three organisations merge or shift to each other then the employees of the organisation faces the difficulties to follow the culture. Sometimes it clashes to national culture. People in an organisation can adopt organisational culture over his national cultural values but when two or three organisation merge then it becomes difficult for the employees to adopt organisational culture over their deep values of national culture. Organisational culture sometimes become inappropriate to national culture and national culture sometimes get inappropriate to organisational culture. But organisational culture never trumps national culture.

There are some basic differences between organisational culture and national culture. These are: leadership style, organisational policies and procedures, organisational and operational structure, recruitment and selection procedures and measuring the performance of the employees and reward systems, global team and leadership development.

Corporate culture profile

Corporate culture is one of the strategic and competitive advantages of Nokia. “Connecting people” is the catch phrase which means the physical facilities of the company. Nokia buildings hold the strong corporate image. Nokia has four main values and principles at his heart of its corporate philosophy: customer satisfaction, respect for individuals, achievement and continuous learning.

Establishing Goals

It was the challenge for Nokia to develop a unique, award-wining workplace which reflects the corporate culture, values and vision of the company. Nokia house Boston property has the major R&D facilities and it was important to open the new floor plan and give the credit to the engineer and creative group for their creative design. However the design of the Scandinavian headquarters was not totally mimic but include New England’s culture as well.

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A Corporate Culture Retrofit

Nokia not only holds the Scandinavian culture itself rather than transport it to the England for both the employees and visitors. There are high-tech and traditional furniture showcase along with brilliant lighting design particularly in the lobby area, cafeteria and meeting rooms helps creating a warm and professional atmosphere. Another important design characteristics is it’s new office space system and flexible desks.

Connecting People

After coming to new Nokia house in spring 2000, the company provides full friendly sense of place and purpose for the customers. The set up and cultural elements of the building gives the employees confidence and comfortable settings. Nokia provides more productive and interactive workforce after implementing the goals and culture to its actual design. After managing all the facilities the employees are more connected to the customers indirectly. As more companies want to redesign their head office to highlight their corporate culture such as the lobby, the real estate professionals must need to ensure that the changes will made in a healthy and profitable business relationship matter.

The impact of corporate culture

According to the researcher a healthy organisational culture may have various kinds of benefits which include: competitive advantage deduce from customer service and innovation, constant and efficient performance of the employees, great team facilities, high valued employee, and strong company association, employees with high motivation and loyalty, control and coordination within the company and also promoting consistency, rearranging the behaviour of the employees to the benefit of the company.


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