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Leadership Case Study - Vince Lombardi

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Introduction of Firm

This case study explains what was an effective leader was by using Vince Lombardi as an example. The Packers came from last in the league to first place, is an excellent example that effective leadership had to have been manifested. According to Sullivan & Decker, 2009, “an effective leader has strong interpersonal skills, can direct others even in times of change, possess dominance, ambition, tolerance, self confidence, orderly thinking, and a key leadership quality is having flexibility.” Lombardi discussed his expectations with the players on his team and what actions he would take to enforce them.

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The case describes the changes that Lombardi enforced and how he implemented them. He set standards on how players that were a part of the organization were to conduct themselves on and off the fields. He enforced dress codes and code of conducts for the players. Lombardi did not discriminate amongst member on the team. He required the same level of magnitude from the rookies and veterans on his team. Lombardi stated to the players that they were major league players and that they were going to start acting professional.

Overview of Firm Competitive Advantage

When knowing what behavior needed to be changed and being capable of identifying how changing those habits or behavior is something that as a leader Lombardi knew he had to make these changes in order to help to improve the organization. By changing their perception of themselves he knew he would directly affect the perception that others had of them as well. According to Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, 2007, “a manager can successfully combat staff resistance by confronting change as it requires a level of willingness reflected in the energy they bring to the journey and adaptation to change.” Lombardi was not only managing his team, but he was also trying to safeguard the town’s perception of his team. By having them engage in extra practice to give them stamina and endurance, he created a competitive advantage for his Packers.

Problem statement

The problem that Lambadi’s Packers faced was that they were content with themselves as a team and the perception that they had of themselves needed to be changed. Another problem that they had was the team’s leadership. They needed to change the way that the organization conducted various day to day functions. Upon his arrival, Lombardi came into the organization and implemented those various changes that needed to be made.

Being honest and having a respectable relationship is an effective method to deal with resistance to changes and implementation. Lombardi knew that they would want to socialize with others and decided to set some rules and boundaries on how they would conduct themselves while interacting in the public’s eyes.

The perception of the team that the shareholders was important to Lombardi. He knew that this would not just have an effect on each team member individually, but the entire organization. Lombardi demonstrated the contingency theory through him being such a successful leader in management.

When various changes were made through this theory, the players began to conduct themselves in a different manner. They began to comply with the standards that were set for them. They were motivated by the upgrades that was made in their traveling and hotel accommodations that Lombardi had made.

Alternative Solutions/Opportunities

  1. During the season, no free time-by keeping the players in a restricted area with boundaries and standards that would reduce or provide very little space for errors showed that he was strictly about his business minus the pleasure. The sport may be free time enjoyment for us, but for the players on the team it is a job. When interacting or socializing outside of work, player can conduct themselves in a manner that may hurt or harm their contracts, the brand or even endorsements. Most of the players have million dollar contracts that could be easily taken away. Players should not only be penalized for violations due to being late or being at bars but should be penalized for fraternizing at bars period. They should not be allowed at no types of bars and this will help to reduce various types of unacceptable behaviors.
  1. Pro- Get rid of the distractions during the season. By doing this it will help to reduce the players from being distracted by other things and to remain focused on work only.
  2. Con-This may cause players to become noncompliant and make things harder and participate in at social functions after being warned not.
  1. Incentives for one or two players every week and not the others-

I do believe that at one to two players should have been given an incentive in some form if the excelled over the rest of the players by being a great example of what a team player is. All players are held to the same standard. Creating reward systems that promotes positive results has been known to be effective in achieving the type of results that was presented from the players, staff members, and employees. A feeling of gratifications is associated when the players believe that their hard work and efforts are appreciated.

  1. Noble Competition-

This is a high level competitive sport. The good competition enforces their already competitive nature and drives them to outperform themselves not only their teammates.

  1. Destructive conflict-

this reward may cause team members to be jealous of the incentive-receiving member and may create sabotage by team mates where they mess up plays on purpose to make team members look bad

Decision and Support

When new and learned behaviors become routine or automatic is considered habit forming. As a part of natural routine, habits are programmed behaviors we perform daily. They are unconscious behaviors that flow naturally to us without notice; they are not forced activities we perform daily. By Lombardi already implementing a core set of values and rules among the team that he wanted to be adhered to daily it makes it even easier to eliminate any other distractions they could have off the field. Day to day interaction can explain behavior patterns that could result through positive or negative reinforcements. Through observation majority of human behaviors are learned. Setting standards for the team, that requires them to conduct themselves at a higher level of excellence both on and off the field helped to create a repetitive behavior that would cater to their lifestyle. This is an effective, but simple way to reward the team. One way to motivate the team was to reward them for their success.

Action Plan

Immediately, executing the new policy changes for the seasons regarding, no leisure time the duration of the seasons and the incentive for not breaking the newly designed code of conduct can easily be accomplished. Lombardi had already set restriction about the limited amount of time that the players were allowed to have social interaction with others, but the team could have had more than7 wins if Lombardi had equally illuminated all distractions.

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Another effective way to help the team to accept and adjust to the various changes are motivate and encourage them by letting them know beforehand the reasons for the and the benefits of the changes. Majority of the issues that may arise from this changes can be achieved by incorporating a constructive approach to cope with the challenges that might stem from the new changes.

Lombardi did not force the team to do anything, but as a result of his inspiring leadership skills, made the team want to engaged in the more in the sport, excel, and perform up to standards. The process that involves influencing others to agree about the necessary needs and a plan of execution is called leadership. (Scandura, 2016).


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