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Craft Beer Company Micro and Macro Environment Analysis

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Wordcount: 4993 words Published: 23rd Sep 2019

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Introduction                                                                                              3, 4

Macro environment scan                                                                          5

Social cultural factors                                                                               6

Technological factors 6

Economic factor 7

Environmental factors                                                                               7

Political/legal factors                                                                                 7                                                                        

Micro environment scan                                                                            8

Company  9

Customers                                                                                                  9

Competitors  9

Suppliers 9

Intermediaries 9

Stakeholders/public                                                                                    9

Swot analysis                                                                                         10, 11, 12

Strategic recommendations  13

Personal reflection  13

References                                                                                             13, 14, 15


The craft brewers are a little, free, and conventional business who makes gem malts and a totally interesting mix of Sorachi Ace and Saaz Hops which detonates the potential outcomes of the conventional ale style, fulfilling their purchaser’s thirst with an exclusive taste of fermented craft beer. This business was tied up with presence with a craving of changing the world through the intensity of a destitution with a Unique Selling Proposition which offered recommendation of not taking the titles of any corporate social obligation but as something which the organizers – Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn on the world water day, enthusiastically put stock in and faith in expanding the social and not-revenue organisation driven crosswise over Scotland. As their sole target isn’t benefit and profit as they are contributing towards sustainable environment condition by referring to the parts of triple bottom line. The plan lied in helping individuals around the globe to get protected and simple access to clean water with no complexities. Since this thought was captivated by the stakeholders, almost 1,000 supporters and more than 30 bars, bottle shops and eateries helped Brew to collect enough cash to start supplying their first jars of Clean Water Lager. One of the greatest examples their achievements are the social organizations, ” Social Bite ” which is a chain of sandwich shops recruits 1 out of 4 staff from homeless backgrounds and gives all benefits to different philanthropies both at home and abroad. The brew runs at zero-margin by Brewdog in Elton. It donates 100% of its profits to clean water projects in the developing world.

Aim – A colossal number of 844 million people, far and wide don’t approach an ideal water supply and reliably other considered adolescent fail miserably from a pollution caused by nonappearance of safe water and an unclean area. The organization’s point is to help 1 million people get to clean relishing water within 5 years through the power of beer with a fundamental message and prodding saying, ” Drink beer, give water”.

Vision – Brewgooder is longing about planning to grow a beneficial association with the incredible idea of giving clean drinking water and sanitation for 1,000,000 people inside the best in praiseworthy five years and lifting an entire structure out of destitution for good. They plan to hold events where they engage their possible purchasers to express their unselfishness without inside and out changing their lead by depicting what they require which is to drink extraordinary craft beer.

Mission – Their main goal is to never stop until the point where they hit the objective of 1,000,000 individuals affected by the extraordinary lager.


This can be inspected by the noteworthy external and wild factors that affect an affiliation’s fundamental administration and impact its execution and strategies. These components join the money related components like – economic, political, social, legal conditions including mechanical changes and customary forces.


POLITICAL – Changes in licensing laws according to the government may influence Brewgooder, for instance if the law changes that a customer can buy just 2 jugs of lager once a week or the opening hours around evening time are abbreviate down. Different figures, for example, increment of tax collection or obligation on liquor and so on can likewise influence the association’s generation level.

ECONOMIC – On the off chance that the administration chooses to build the National the lowest pay permitted by law, it might influence the compensations and wages driving Brew to pay their specialists more regardless of whether they work efficiently or the same hours as before. National Government rules in regard to wellbeing can change making the lager processing plant constrain its creation. The fluctuating Increase in transport costs in accordance with Fuel evaluating can influence mix’s imports and fares.

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SOCIAL – Expanded promoting on devouring liquor dependably can exasperate Brew’s point as individuals will need to deal with themselves more than helping another person get water for a trade of lager for evident reasons. Nearby and the expanded neighbourhood’s populace which will consequently cause more deals as there will be more get-togethers for the most. We know that these comprise of liquor as young people have the most astounding measure of liquor utilization.

TECHNOLOGICAL – On the off chance that there is a remittance for a wider decision and taste of mixed beverages in stores for shoppers, Brew can alter their lagers to another dimension to build their deals through elevated amounts of showcasing. Advancements in conveyance of cool lagers and chilled brew would help. For instance- if the legislature permits vending beer machines for lagers on the neighbourhood lanes and so on.

ENVIRONMENTAL – As we are  aware , each business has now given a touch of their worries into social duty and as Brew is delivering glass jugs or tin jars, it might turn into an issue for recycling it and the waste and litter caused at that point can make a major issue for Brew’s brand image and contradict their sterile clean water adage as they themselves are making nature grimy. The recycling of such things can cause substantial financial misfortune as the procedure and the machinery is costly. Transportation and conveyance expenses of merchandise while trading and bringing in lager can be a troublesome as you pay a major sum on all the toll tax collection for overwhelming stacked products.

LEGAL – National government concerns with respect to negative parts of ‘hitting the bottle hard’ can change let down Brew’s deals as customers will live by the law’s rules, as they will be completely mindful about it through media concerns and social stages like Facebook, etc. 


Corporate Social Responsibility of Brewgooder –

  • Environmental supportability – The objective of manageability rehearses is to restrain Brew’s engraving on the earth by making more effective procedures to constrain assets required or discovering approaches to supplant assets.
  • Community commitment – The objective of network commitment of the brewing business are to restrict the negative effects through training, administrations, corporate giving/magnanimity and volunteering.


Micro scale scanning which is additionally referred as inside condition of a business, is a little power inside the organization which influences the capacity to serve its clients. If we go on the off chance that to produce a smaller scale natural output for Brewgooder, we will have findings which will tell us that –

  • It comprises of Board of Directors and utilitarian managers, who have potential marketing designs which are drawn up according to the rationality of top administration. Marketing choices like new items, development, and so forth rely upon the help of best administration.
  • A business is successful when it has a strong chain of suppliers who are the providers of inputs to the business-like raw material, primary goods, equipment etc. Brewgooder treats its suppliers – Brewdog like partners. it doesn’t only supply cans and bottles to Brewgooder but also produces some amount of beer to supply it in Scotland and USA.  Brewdog the partners of Brewgooder

ponders the market regarding its genuine and potential size, its development prospect and furthermore its engaging quality with the goal that it can create the item appropriately. For instance – Brewdog can complete a statistical survey on what decisions are made by the clients, popular for the essence of the lager or appearance of containers of the brew and ought to likewise think about the patterns and build up the key achievement components of the market with the goal that they can live up to purchaser’s desires.

  • The purchaser involves the focal position in the promoting condition and this blend is exceptionally notable by Brewgooder. The business appeared in light of the fact that it needed to enable the world to improve as a place and deliver lager as well as fulfil its clients by the hypnotizing taste of it. The blend had nearly checked and broke down the adjustments in purchaser tastes and has delivered its brew remembering the shopper’s interest, along these lines squandering less and being more proficient. They concentrated on being customer oriented as opposed to product oriented therefore being the most adored by the general population. Taste, inclinations and cater were constantly foreseen directly through reviews and their purchasing propensities are henceforth initialised.
  • Brewgooder has effectively arranged out its advertising strategy and strategies for long haul also. An effective business dependably has its future spending plan estimated with the goal that it can realize where is it heading and how much money inflow and outpouring will happen and Brewgooder has all its targets and a clear picture of its financials and strategies.
  • Nothing can be as crucial as self-examination by the affiliation itself. they have to meet their own adversary which is them itself. The goals, destinations and resource availabilities of a firm has a fundamental position in the microenvironment of publicizing. The Brew associates with its benefits and capacities incorporates the customer in the microenvironment and thus   believes that understanding its own one’s characteristics and limits can empower them to separate their business all around and therefore should be one of their goals to the extent their inside examination.
  • Suppliers shape a critical segment of the microenvironment. Brew flexibles their providers – Brewdog with their very own dealing power as that can influence the cost structure of the business. They comprise a noteworthy power, which shapes rivalry in the business. Brewgooder takes a noteworthy Marketing Environment choice on “outsourcing” or “in-house” generation relying upon the place they are creating and relying upon their provider Brewdog.
  • Since glass bottles are a more conventional method for bundling lager and many art distilleries utilize them.



  • Target Market – While the vast majority of alternate lagers target youths Brewgooder points towards a more grown-up and a set of guys and females who are knowledgeable and tasteful and need to consider the world and add to the penniless in all ways that could be available.
  • Advertising Strategy – Brewgooder has dependably been a steady promoter over its uniqueness of helping the world and individuals get water, and throughout the years it has not changed its publicizing message or situating of “drink beer, give water”. Looking at publicizing, Brewgooder has just accomplished their image steadfast clients and have spread their uniqueness on the planet.
  • Focus on the experience - As opposed to simply situating the lager as a beverage, Brewgooder has concentrated on partner their beers with the amazing idea of providing large water tanks to the needy parts of the world and to the experience of customer lager mark, the co-partners – Brewdog helped them get the correct taste and take care of the demand.
  •  Positive gathering pledges – by most recent reports – £58,193 GBP add up to reserves were raised 115% subsidized on April 23, 2016


  • Depending too much onto the crowd funding for their new product launch, can be risky for a beer industry.
  • A unhealthy message would be passed, taking the brand down if the goal is not achieved, because supplying clean water to the world successfully is a big dream to come true.
  • As there is no specific data available for the financial record keeping as their funds are from crowd funding mostly, it can become a problem.


  • Collaborative Effort – Craft beer is developing yet popular with prime concentration in created markets. Many driving organizations are endeavouring to team up in the blending of specialty lager with the goal of providing specialty brew but as Brewgooder have a remarkable mission and point, it emerges. This will offer more chances to enhance efficiencies and streamline costs.
  • Increased familiarity with outside brands – developing economies like United Kingdom where the quantity of bars is developing in urban areas, individuals have turned out to be more mindful of remote brands and explicitly request Brewgooder since the brand is prominent in the US and Scotland.
  • This a good result as till now Brewgooder has – impacted lives of 54181 

supplied gallons of clean water to 100,000 and started 72 clean water projects.


  • Competition – Some of the major competitors of Brewgooder are Budweiser and Corona as they are old and trusted brands of today .
  • To raise funds – Brewgooder along with Brewdog have given perks to their brand loyal customers such as unlocking rewards, have access to latest digging updates and have an exclusive Brewgooder merch which can disappoint them as they will think that they are bribed by being given supplementary awards. this can be motivating though demotivating at the same time.


While doing this task I turned out to be more enlightening and spurring and I trust that my insight into promoting has been fundamentally extended as I class, to incorporate worldwide way to deal with the advertising issues. This task extraordinarily refreshed my insight in such zones as –

  • International promoting as the effect of worldwide elements to organization the executive’s basic leadership
  • Strategies of picking and entering new markets
  • Developing new items for worldwide markets
  • The attributes of promoting research for worldwide markets
  • Global advertising blend components
  • Micro condition of a business
  • Macro condition of a business
  • SWOT analysis of a business

I should likewise compliment our professor to pass the data to us with a decent in correspondence and showing us different styles by explaining materials which exhaustive yet enlightening. I was demonstrated to best practices to spot worldwide promoting openings by alluding the cases to real life case crisis of the worldwide business world. I comprehended the marketing classes in a way to realise that Internet has changed the manner in which organizations are done. Studies were additionally demonstrated by our professor through many short clasps in presentation slides, which truly causes us to learn better as a mind can assess and retain more through Visual as opposed to Auditory Memory. Our professor is fruitful in empowering and inspiring us with components decidedly adding to the measure of intrigue I framed towards this subject. The significance of inventiveness and “thinking out of the box”

was particularly featured by this task as I found that a specialty lager business Brewgooder can think of an ecological committed point, for example, helping the world get water with a plan – DRINK BEER GIVE WATER.

With the traditional vital apparatuses for basic leadership like SWOT and PESTEL examination took another significance when taken a gander at from the perspective of worldwide points of view. The classes improved my important abilities and along these lines I was observed to be productive and have creative advertising thoughts which would help me in future when I consider carrying my business thought into progress with strategies which are cost effective in the meantime for a new company entering a big existing market.

Thinking back to the task I break down that I ought to have done a more profound research contemplate on Brewgooder. I would now be able to see that my task relatable yet needs more elucidating material, for example, information in numeric and a greater amount of research material. After talking with my educator, I perceive that I have to build up the keens of exploring all the more regardless of whether I think the information I have gathered is adequate and applicable. Despite the fact that I feel glad taking an induvial choice against my friends when I picked shrewdly to change my point from tea people to Brewgooder as I assessed that I could have a greater amount of material to compose upon.








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