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Skills for Effective Management | Reflection

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Effective Management Skills

There are a number of skills which are required for sake of effective management instead of a magical formula. This abet in getting the continual learning process in an easier and effective manner. If there is a proper management style being followed then one would be able to get the best leadership style being followed. Thus, few things are always necessary which are helpful in giving positive results in end. Some of the skills are;

  • To be your ownself.
  • Building an effective management style.
  • Have some clear standards.
  • Should be able to give feedback openly
  • Always create an environment of trust
  • Try to encourage staff
  • Maintain regular meetings with staff.
  • Set targets for every month.
  • Examine all issues timely.
  • Always admit your own mistakes

Going along with all of these there is a need to understand the three major effective manager skills areas which are being observed. They are named as task execution, the wonderful commercial insight and proper people skills. There is a competence being maintained in all of these three then it would become a bit easier for sake of people to manage things and get beneficial results through their small acts. (Andrew, F. 2009)

i) Task Execution

When there is a talk about the task execution then it is clear that execution of the complex tasks and getting the proper management of projects is quite helpful. This is not only helpful in getting efficient operations done properly, but along with that it also abet in doing the planning, organizing and considerate kind of monitoring of the performances. Through that strong results focus can be attained in a particular manner. It gives the sense of urgency which is almost one of the biggest necessities for sake of those people who are thinking of getting the time pressures faced in an easier manner.



ii) Commercial Insight

This commercial insight is necessary for sake of getting a competitive edge. This can be beneficial as this emphasizes efficiency. Whether there is a need to talk about private sector or the government sector managers both can get benefited through it. Best thing is that, proper kind of setup is ascertained for sake of profitability or some times for return on investment as well. Many managers used to get strategic thinking ability through it. That abet in giving focus over the right tasks. Through them there is a chance to get an addition to most value. In a commercial insight proper planning skills are helpful in prioritizing different combinations of some abilities which are a proper mean of understanding financial aspects smoothly. Almost every kind of resources can be allocated through it at their disposal wisely.

iii) People Skills

There is integrity to foster trust. That abet in getting an emotional intelligence in a successful manner. This gives some kind of empowering, elegant coaching, some what motivating and a number of developing people catalysts easily. There are different ranges of tasks which can get a good facilitator easily. This is known to be people skill option, through which people can acquire effectiveness in their communication and tremendous kind of good listening skills as well.

Skills Required For Effective Management

Thus, there is always a need to have effective, efficient and positive kind of attitude towards management. This use to abet in getting wonderful results in future. Thus, two main types of skills which are required for the sake of an effective management are known to be;

  • Personal Skills
  • Professional Skills

If an individual is able to make the excessive usage of both of these skills, then there might be some end results in the form of positive, progressive and spectacular results as well. There is a need to know how management differs from leadership. Management means to execute task effectively and efficiently and to achieve goals by utilizing all resources available for particular project or goal. However, leadership defines new directions or promotes organization. Leadership defines goals and resources but management utilize all resources to achieve goals set by leadership.

Effective Management Skills

For effective and efficient manager it is very important to have skills in three areas: People skills, Commercial insight and task execution. Many Managers seeks or get training how to strengthen in different areas but best managers have all 3 management skills. Task execution means to execute task with proper planning and also monitor performance of the task. In task execution strong focus remains on results and complex tasks are executed through efficient operations and monitoring. Skilled people manager create trust and the exciting intelligence to deal with different people fruitfully. Managers adopt strategic approach and focus on return on investment and profitability. Managers always tried to add more value in their product and utilize all resources according to output.

Example of A Manager’s Effective Three Personal And Professional Skills

Let me describe the importance of an effective management and different kinds of skills through the help of an example;

Lets us consider that Mr. XYZ is having three types of personal and professional skills. His personal skills use to include interpersonal skills, communicative and self motivated person. Where as his professional skills use to include leadership, innovative strengths and disturbance handling skills as well. Thus, let me tell you that how these three kinds of skills might be helpful in determining the whole process and achieving success at the end of this process.

Firstly, If there would be any kind of decision making, then through the help of innovative, adaptive, communicative and supportive skills, the manager might be able to handle the whole process. Not only that, but also there would be some positive results would be seen in it.

Secondly, one thing which is necessary to be kept in notice that, if MR. XYZ is able to deliver his professional skills through the help of his personal skills, then there might be some different kinds of impacts being seen during the management processes. Let me list down some of them

  • Successful process
  • Easy communication
  • Proper working
  • Timely completion of work
  • No Quality compromises
  • Effective Leadership
  • Efficient control
  • Trust worthy working
  • Value of manager would definitely be increased
  • Chances of promotions
  • Improvements might also be seen

Thus, all of these seem to be proof that, if there is a proper usage of skills of an individual then there might be different kinds of results being seen in it.

Methods To Improve Personal And Professional Skills

Following are the methods through which one is able to improve the personal and professional skills;

1) Giving proper audits and assessments about things what they already know or necessary to be known to get some learning development plan option in an easier manner.

2) Learning and giving acknowledgement to personal development for sake of professional realms

3) Understanding the qualities

4) Relevant theoretical constructs formulation

Answer #2

Personal Skill Audit

Personal skills which are being inhibited, which are discussed earlier, they are as under

  • interpersonal skills
  • communicative skill
  • self motivated

Thus, if we make out audit of these personal skills then we might be able to get the result that all these three kinds of skills are positive and helpful in achieving a number of goals in life of a person; there are different approaches which are found over there. (Bob, J & Michael, K. 2004)

Firstly, interpersonal skills of individual are able to make different kind of information flow, between two people. These skills seem to be advantageous in nature, as one person is able to tell that what is the desired concern?

Secondly, communicative skills are helpful in making communication in case of personal and professional life. Because of these skills, the confidence level of a person is very high. He or she might be able to convey message easily, with out any kind of lose of control.

Thirdly, self motivated means that an individual is able to increase enthusiasm and motivation in other people as well. This can be made possible only because of supportive attitude which is being created because of self motivation. Thus, if there is always a carrying of these kinds of skills, then their directed usage might be helpful in getting success, in personal and professional life as well. They are helpful in making learning through them.

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How Main Theme Of Learning Program Have Impacted On My Work Role

From the above discussion it is clear that there is a specified kind of impact which is being made over the work role. That is helpful in giving proper kind of differentiation in one’s own personal skill. Along with that they would be helpful in having a direct or indirect impact over the interpersonal and professional skills.

Thus there are a number of benefits which are being attained through it;

There is a higher level thinking skills development being made possible

Interaction and familiarity with things were made possible.

Increase in self esteem took place

Enhancement of satisfaction occurred

Promotion of the positive attitude all enhanced

oral communication skills got a certain development

There is an improvement in the social interaction skills

Some kind of the active, apparently involved and definitely exploratory kind of attitude developed.

There is an encouragement in the diversity of understanding which took place

Safe environment learning took place.

Improvement in self management skills took place

Usage of constructivist approach become easier now

The atmosphere of cooperation becomes a bit easier to be understood.

Development in the interpersonal relationships occurred.

Generation of the stronger kind of social support system took place.

Promotion of some kind of innovation becomes visible.

Skill building techniques and the practicing techniques were being analyzed frequently.

All of these aspects are helpful in determining the corrective steps towards work. This seems to be positive as this helped a lot in giving a smooth kind of motivation along with the pre-determined kind of approach. One of the best thing about it is that there are positive results which are always determined through it. They seem to be perfect in its collaboration because of the innovative results which they used to give through it.

These skills are not only helpful in giving a personal development but also there are some positive changes which are being seen in professional purposes as well. All of these aspects are key factors which are known to be derivatives of functional development of a person.

Strengths & Weaknesses At The Start Of Program

Thus, if there is a need to make the impact short defined then strengths and weaknesses at the start of programs and end of program might be helpful. They would tell us that, which type of improvements, were being made. Let me describe you about them one by one.


  • Here is a list of some of the strengths mentioned below;
  • Higher self motivation
  • Devotion towards achievement of work/Success
  • Best kind of techniques and tactics usage at different places
  • Communicative skills


Multiple weaknesses were being felt, at the start of this program i.e.

  • Less abilities to maintain stress
  • Implementation of successful plans

Thus, both of these strengths and weaknesses are those which were being determined at the start of this personal development process.

Strengths & Weaknesses At The End Of Program

Thus, there were a number of improvements being felt at the end of this process. Reason behind this might be that, this is a special kind of learning program, which is being designed in order to teach a manager that how he or she might be able to make a distinction of their own work from the other people. Let me list down a number of strengths and weaknesses in this aspect.


  • Increase in knowledge
  • Techniques for handling a situation
  • Improvement in handling stress in different conditions
  • Determination of goals/ objectives and plans
  • Know-how that how a successful goal achievement can be made
  • Improvement in personal and professional skills
  • Chances of improvement with in organization and outside an organization


  • Still there is a need of more learning, so that processes of successful attempts can be made fastly
  • Need to cope up with numerous time frames, of a number of cycles linked with working.

Answer # 3

Personal Development Plan

When there is a need to discuss the personal development plan then there is a need to know that there is a reflective record of management experience which is helpful in setting up the objectives and plans to meet goals. The personal development plan is as follows;

First of all there is a need to do an understanding of some of the current required goals. These include the organizational as well as personal goals. Secondly this would be helpful in getting proper plan out. Through that there is a necessity of planning categorization being made. This is helpful in giving future positive results, which needs to be analyzed. After that getting the proper analyzing there is an option to get the implementation, monitoring and reviewing as well. This whole plan out would be helpful in getting the proper kind of end results

Needs to understand current required of goals (Organizational & Personal)

  • Plan outs
  • Need to make categories of planning
  • Analyzing of Plans
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring & Reviews
  • End Results

Personal development planning helps to attain potential and it helps to identify skills gaps and growth areas. In good Personal development planning you can do planning easily and promote your business further. In personal development plan employee enhances existing skills or knowledge and develops ground-breaking skills or expertise in its field.

Identifying and Targeting the Dates For Monitoring And Reviews

There is a need to make identification and targeting of dates for actions or goals being determined. This is because of numerous benefits which are associated with targeting dates. Thus for that purpose, let me give you some kind of tips, which might be effective in nature

First of all, there is a need to make a note down of all goals

Know about their importance

Assign dates

Dates should be assigned according to the time spam, which it might be taking while its completion process

Make an overview of process

Make timely check out, while processing of whole ongoing process

Keeping in notice, if there is a need to make corrective actions at any step.

Thus, all of these might be helpful because of the fact that, at the end of process, there might be some successful achievements. It is the duty of a manager, to keep proper check according to assigned dates.

Thus, in end, I would like to include that, the end results of this ongoing process are almost beneficial in every aspect. As it is made through special categorization. But three main aspects linked with it use to include;



Visible change

All of these three aspects are beneficial and part of fruitful results. Thus, they would only be ascertained if there is none kind of neglections or mistakes being taken in achievement of goal process.

Short Term, Medium Term & Long Term

In order to determine goals the basic objective is to make strategy or make an analysis of financial statements of company. Thus, while talking about shot term goals of company, we would be able to know that, the current short tem goal can be to determine that what are the different problems being faced by company, what are their causes, and how they can be fixed while remaining in a certain boundary?

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Where as, medium term goals of a manager, use to include two basic aspects. First one is that if there is a need to make some changes, then how manager should adopt change with in organization? What are the reasons to change and how this change can be implemented so that company can make progress? This seems to be an open declaration for making strong decision making rules. These can be adaptive for sake of employees and company regulatories as well. (Ingham, J. 2007)

Thirdly, the main thing is long term goals of an organization; they use to include effectiveness, efficiency and tactics for earning of profits. The better a manager is able to make some differentiation, wonderful might be the results seen because of it. Company would definitely be able to make benefit out of time factors. These can be analyzed from end results of these kinds of goals, actions and planning.


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