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Overview of Airport Transportation Systems

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Aviation is one of the most comprehensive industries in the world. Airport facilities rely on numerous specific techniques in order to enable airport-specific methods. These techniques deal with the aeronautical triangulation and surveillance. The airline industry has contributed to the expansion of the world economy. The airline industry is constantly transporting commodities throughout countries. Airports ensure that goods are transported in quicker times over longer distances. The air transport systems enable the distribution of disaster and humanitarian aid relief anyplace in the world and guarantees the speedy delivery of medical supplies and organs for transplantation. The new distribution channel boosts the potential of communications between airlines.

General Environment

While the main three categories of airports are major, national, and regional, the require certifications from the federal government in order to operate. The general environment of an organization refers to a range of factors or forces outside an organization that may influence the performance and operation of a business (Essays, 2018). Airports in metro areas promote the transportation benefits to the community. Airports enable the movement of people and goods, when incorporating that with a large metro area, there is an influx of revenue. Major airports allow the surrounding communities access to the nation’s air transportation system. A supportive community will bring a positive financial impact on the local economy. Aviation offers the only speedy worldwide transportation network, which makes it critical for global business. It produces lucrative growth, creates jobs, and enables international commerce and vacation industry. Over a third of all trade by value is sent by air, which makes aviation a key component of business worldwide (Cagney, 2015).

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There are certain benefits of regional airports. Regional airports simplify the day-to-day processes of common aeronautics. Airports and airline service contribute more to knowledge and service-based businesses than industrial manufacturing (Florida, 2012). Airports have a wider impact on trade and industry expansion by transporting people as opposed to cargo. Airlines must pay a high cost in order to be able to continue distribution which results in lower fares to consumers across some channels but has to be paid with surcharges through the more expensive ones. Regional airports offer admission to the community for commodities imported from around the world. Regional airports assist local small business owners, contractors, and consultants the ability to travel into and out of the local to conduct business. Regional airports can draw large business and major corporations in order to influence economic growth within the local communities. One of the largest advantages to regional airports is the convenience for local travelers.

Reliever Airports

Reliever airports normally provide additional capacity when the main airports have reached its maximum capacity. Reliever airports does provide ample opportunity to reduce congestion but are they being used to full utilization and do people prefer the same is the big question (Thomason, 2017). Ideally a passenger tends to avoid flights which take it to a location different from the original one. Airport traffic data shows that air-traffic congestion occur at certain time interval. In the fear of being diverted to reliever airport people tend to travel during those times when there is less congestion. Also, although the traffic gets diverted to the reliever airport, its purpose is not really solved, because of many factors such as variation in flight takeoff and landing times. The inability to predict flight malfunction or maintenance prevents a flight to takeoff on time which in turn changes the schedule of subsequent flights. Thus, a chain reaction continues, where the usage of reliever airport becomes more informal. Thus, the full potential of the system is not realized. In order to get full output and usage of the reliever airport, other processes should be performed properly, filling specific timelines.

A reliever airport is usually an under-utilized, reliever airport that complements a city and its main, primary airport. Reliever airports are not always welcomed. Many communities believe that it creates major problems like traffic jams in local area, an overcrowded airport terminal may be seen at this reliever airport and an increase in cost of airport operations. Even, it will be quite challenging to attract international and major airlines due to such inadequate or mismanaged situations. Passengers might have many disadvantages as they will have to face heavy traffic as well as rush to this airport and hence, they will not likely to recommend our phoenix reliever airport. As per consumer psychology, people will have a negative image of such a doubtful and overly crowded airport. It may lose its core competencies again to serve the customers and other stakeholders.

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Economic expansion is often associated with infrastructure advancement, which means that airports are required to further the advancement of the markets of the surrounding regions. Transportation involves the progress of municipalities, with air travel having a large stake in transport. The right airport can make for a great experience by making it easy for passengers to make their way through check-in, bag drop and security to their departure gate (Gasiorowski-Denis, 2017). As the airport industry continues to grow, certain specifications will help existing infrastructure challenges and assist in making airports more globally conducive.


Air transport is a major production of global trade and e-commerce, permitting globalization of production. Regional airports provide substantial advantages to local businesses and the economy. General aviation is a gateway to the local community. It assist with medical and law enforcement flights which are facilitated by regional airports, when needed. Air Transport is a significant part of economic growth and in advocating long- term economic growth. It enables a country's amalgamation into the global economy, offering direct benefits for users and broader economic advantages through its positive effect on efficiency and economic performance.

Airlines generate social principles like any other business as the consumer of today has changed. In order to meet the changing demands of consumers, airlines are required to incorporate changes. Like economic or political factors, legal factors also hold special importance for analyzing the external environment of the airline industry. There are many laws devised for air traffic and the safety and security of passengers. There are many regulations which require airlines to offer safe travel along with high-quality services. Ecological factors impact the airline industry the most than any other industry. Climate changes also have an impact on the aviation industry as airlines are now required to practice ‘green flying’ procedure for protecting the environment. This process involves huge finances; however, airlines cannot even compromise because even the passengers are held accountable for their carbon footprint. There are pros and cons of having primary and secondary airports in a metro area. Each one must be weighed out to see if it is beneficial for the surrounding communities.


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